Prayer Suggestions for Various Moods

  • Devastated, Stressed, Frightened: Take one thought from the subject “Prelude To Prayer” or read prayers until you find a thought that encourages you and stop, then determine to bring the one thought to your mind all day long.
  • Discouraged, Sorrowful: Read all entries about GOD, “Prelude To Prayer, Adoration, Worship, Thanksgiving”
  • Burdened for a yet-to-be generated loved one: Search for “Non Christian”
  • Burdened for a fellow Christian in affliction: Seek “Tribulation” or “Physical Sickness” prayers.
  • Burdened for yourself or Christians who need help in the spiritual war set before them: See “Christian”
  • Grateful: “Prelude To Prayer, Adoration, Worship, Thanksgiving”
  • Frustrated, Sad: See if “Supplication or Confession” will help.
  • Normal or Bored: Read all entries and discover the feeling of being “prayed up,” for these prayers are much like the prayer JESUS taught His disciples (Matt 6:9-13).