Chord Progression:  (C  G7  C7  F6) (F#dim  C  G7  G)


 Restore me again, O GOD of my salvation,

and put away Your indignation toward me (Ps 85:4)!

Will you not revive me again, that I may rejoice in You?

Show me Your steadfast love, O LORD (Ps 85:6,7).


Surely Your salvation is near

that glory may dwell with me.

Let steadfast love and faithfulness meet;

Let righteousness and peace kiss each other (Ps 85:9,10).


Let faithfulness spring up from the ground,

and righteousness look down from the sky.

Let righteousness go before me

and make my footsteps a way (Ps 85:11,13).


Satisfy me in the morning

with Your steadfast love,

that I may rejoice and be glad

all my days (Ps 90:14).


Satisfy me, O LORD,

with Your steadfast love,

I’ll rejoice and be glad

all my days (Ps 90:14).


Let Your work be shown to Your servants,

and Your glorious power to their children.

Let the favor of You, LORD,

be upon me (Ps 90:16,17).


Restore me again,

O GOD of my salvation (Ps 85:4).

Restore me again.

Restore me.





Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.49.35 AM“Because one person disobeyed God, many became sinners….” (Rom 5:19 NLT). “This divinely chosen arrangement whereby Adam determined the destiny of his descendants, has been called the ‘covenant of works,’…” The Reformation Study Bible (ref#56, p13, “The Fall”).

My natural-born condition of wanting to decide for myself what is good or bad is the reason this covenant exists. FATHER, I am prone to establish for myself a collection of activities I consider good and bad and then work to do the good. Left to myself, without Your input, FATHER, it makes sense to me that if I work at being good You will bless me; this is the “covenant of works.” My part is to be as good as I can, Your part is to bless me and invite me into heaven—I hope—if I can just do enough good to satisfy You…

 “…the human heart would much rather offer to God its works, no matter how costly, than humble itself to confess sin. That is the reason why man is always predisposed to go the way of works;…” Roy and Revel Hession (ref#100, p 80).

You, FATHER, established the “covenant of works” with Adam and Eve in the Garden. You were to be their GOD and they were to be Your people; You gave commands and they were to follow them. And You warned them about the consequences if they did not follow Your commands: “…you shall surely die’” (Gen 2:17 ESV).

The “covenant of works” requires obedience (Lev 18:5); perfect obedience leads to life (ref#63, p517). But now, as with Adam, if I break this covenant “the punishment…is still in effect…death” Wayne Grudem (ref#63, p517-518).

Since I do not have the ability to obey every one of Your commands, my only choice is to give up directing my own life and put myself under the Lordship of CHRIST. If I trust Him to fulfill all Your covenant requirements for me, then I shall live forever and never die.

For this I am humbled, LORD GOD; JESUS is my escape from the covenant of works that I cannot keep. You are Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider.


Teach me to see…

that Christ does not desire me…

to live in self-confidence in my own strength…”

The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p57).