We are concerned people who come together to pray for the leadership and ministries of our church as well as the health of our Body and our own personal requests. But, our prayer-time does not only consist of “Supplication.”

To come to a meeting and just pray for others would maybe be worthwhile—noble for sure, but would lack the intimacy needed to sit close to GOD. Since we are daily sensible of our weaknesses, shortcomings, and imperfections we need set times to stir ourselves up to deeper repentance, as well as to be routinely exhorting ourselves to increased faith.

This we gain through our “Adoration” and “Confession” sessions of ACTS. Our faith is increased as we set our adorations to reflect on the purposes, promises, and excellencies of the Triune GOD. And in our public confessions of sin we review again that we are but dust and can do nothing good without CHRIST.

So, when we get to our “Supplication” session our prayers reflect no pretense of pride or judgment. We have found our place at the foot of the cross and are anxious for others to be blessed there also. Because GOD has blessed us in our time of “Adoration” and “Confession” we can ask Him to bless others with more enthusiasm as we lift our prayers of “Supplication.”

“Thanksgiving” fits nowhere in the order of ACTS. It is intertwined in our “Adoration” and “Confession” for it flows out from the joy we experience in fellowship with GOD.

“Adoration,” “Confession,” “Thanksgiving,” and “Supplication” make up a complete way of praying. Not only does it enable us to pray for our church Body and personal needs but to experience fellowship with GOD, making us one in the SPIRIT and bonded in unity to our sisters and brothers.


Tuesdays you will find an “Adoration” post.

Wednesdays you will find a “Confession” post

Thursdays you will find a “Thanksgiving” post

Fridays you will find a “Supplication” post