Chord Progression: (C  Eb  F  G)  (C  A7  D7  G7)


You, GOD are known (Ps 76:1).

You are overt,

open and observable

with evident intent (ref#110, p965).


Because Your ways are right (Hos 14:9),

You are unremitting and persistent (ref#110, p1462),

tireless and vigorous (ref#110, p1403, 1488)

acting with energy and force (ref#110, p1488).


FATHER, You suffice,

You are adequate enough to satisfy,

yes, competent and able (ref#110, p1338)—

essential and required (ref#110, p688).


Your name is great (Ps 76:1)

for You are gallant,

stately and noble (ref#110, p552)—

indispensable—absolutely necessary (ref#110, p688).



Chord Progression: (C  Ddim  Fdim  C)  (Fdim  Bdim Ddim  C)


Your steadfast love extends to the heavens (Ps 36:5).

You are staunch and loyal (ref#110, p1310)—

cohesive and persistent (ref#110, p1378)—

unwavering and tenacious (ref#110, p1465, 1378).


You, LORD, will not leave me or destroy me (Deut 4:31).

Because You are firm in Your purposes,

being resolute and determined (ref#110, p1142),

You are impervious to any enemy (ref#110, p677).


You will not forget Your covenant (Deut 4:31).

You are always unfailing—

You are inexhaustible (ref#110, p1457);

You are forever faithful (ref#110, p487).


Your faithfulness extends to the clouds (Ps 36:5).

You are responsible,

reliable and exact—

constant and trustworthy (ref#110, p487).


Chord Progression:  (C  F  Bdim  Em)  (Am  Dm  G7  C)


Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom (Ps 145:13).

You have exclusive control—

exclusive privilege, exclusive possession.

You have an eternal monopoly (ref#110, p879).


Your dominion endures throughout all generations (Ps 145:13).

You are not limited;

You are not confined;

You are not restricted (ref#110, p1462).


You uphold the universe by just Your word (Heb 1:3).

You have unlimited power and authority;

You are omnipotent and superior (ref#110, p946, 1344).

You are excellent and above all else (ref#110, p1344).


You are unapproachable and unmatched;

You have no rival or equal (ref#110, p1451).

You cannot be violated or infringed upon;

You are infrangible (ref#110, p693).


Chord Progression:  (C  Am  Am/G#  Am/G)  (Am/F#  F  Dm  G)


GOD, You are greater than I can understand (Job 36:26).

You are undiscoverable—

You cannot be fully known (ref#110, p1456).

You are beyond the limits of possible experience (ref#110, p1419).


Your kingdom cannot be destroyed (Dan 2:44),

for You are indestructible (ref#110, p677),

yes, immeasurable—

boundless and vast are You (ref#110, p674).


Your unconquerable kingdom will stand forever (Dan 2:44).

It cannot be erased or blotted out

since You are indelible—

permanent and lasting (ref#110, p685).


Your years cannot be counted (Job 36:26),

for You exist apart from the material universe.

You are transcendent (ref#110, p1419),

imperishable and continuing forever (ref#110, p677, 1414).


Chord Progression:  (Am7  G  Abdim  Am7)  (Fmaj  Em7  Dm7  G7)


Your throne, O GOD, is forever and ever (Ps 45:6)

for You are perpetual—

continuing indefinitely,

and eternally permanent (ref#110, p1006).


You are unquenchable (ref#110, p1462)

and cannot be emptied or used up;

You are tireless (ref#110, p691)—

unable to be subdued or overcome (ref#110, p1462).


CHRIST, You are all and in all (Col 3:11)—

existing outside the experience of man.

You exceed normal bounds (ref#110, p1344)

and certainly are inexhaustible (ref#110, p691).


For You are supernatural (ref#110, p1344)—

vast, extensive and great—

You are not confined or limited (ref#110 p1284)

but forever immortal (ref#110, p675).


Chord Progression:  (C C6  Cmaj  C6)  (C  G+/Eb Cmaj  C6)


FATHER, let me speak of Your awesome deeds (Ps 145:6).

They are outstanding and illustrious—

distinguished and famous (ref#110, p673).

They are beyond debate (ref#110, p1456).


Your deeds are beyond the range of my perception—

outside my senses.

They are supersensible (ref#110, p1344),

and undisputable—beyond arguing (ref#110, p1456).


The LORD my GOD is great (Deut 7:21)—

astonishingly great.

You are stupendous—overwhelming (ref#110, p1331)—

deserving glory (ref#110, p575).


LORD GOD, You are my GOD (Deut 7:21).

You are resplendent—dazzling—

full of brightness (ref#110, p1144)—

splendid, magnificent, and glorious (ref#110, p575).


Chord Progression:  (Am  G/B  C  Am)  (Dm  Dm7  E  Am)


Your righteousness is like the mountains (Ps 36:6).

You have the power to judge rightly;

You are wisdom—

following the soundest course of action (ref#110, p1533).


Your judgments are like the great deep (Ps 36:6);

You are judicious and wise (ref#110, p731)—

forthright and direct (ref#110, p531)—

showing sound decisions (ref#110, p731).


You are justified in Your verdict (Ps 51:4)—

having and applying fair rulings (ref#110, p731).

You are deliberate—

tendentious (ref#110, p1378).


You are faultless in Your judgment (Ps 51:4).

You are not unjust or unfair,

nor variable or fluctuating—

nor equal to anyone else (ref#110, p1456).


Chord Progression:  (C  Gdim  Dm7  G)  (C  Ab7  Dm7  G7)


FATHER, You sit on Your holy throne (Ps 47:8).

You reign as King forever and ever (Ps 10:16).

You are indivertible;

You cannot be turned aside (ref#110, p688).


You are the King of all the earth (Ps 47:7).

You cannot be kept from doing what You want;

You are undeterred (ref#110, p1456).

You cannot be defeated or surpassed (ref#110, p1451).


You reign over the nations (Ps 47:8).

You are supranational—

You are over all the nations in authority (ref#110, p1346);

You have within Yourself all that is necessary (ref#110, p1217).


You are highly exalted (Ps 47:9);

You are the highest point;

You are the pinnacle (ref#110, p1026).

Unbeatable and self-contained (ref#110, p1451, 1217).


Chord Progression:  (C  Ebdim  Cmaj  F)  (Ebdim  Dm7  G7  C)


FATHER, You are the everlasting GOD (Isa 40:28).

The Author of all—

You are the Originator of everything (ref#110, p92)—

the eternal GOD (Isa 40:28).


You are the Creator of the ends of the earth (Isa 40:28).

You brought it into being—

realized and formed it;

Indeed, You founded it (ref#110, p532).


You are the One who formed all things (Jer 51:19).

You execute—

You are the Maker (ref#110, p817)—

absolute and unrestrained (ref#110, p5).


You sit enthroned as King forever (Ps 29:10).

You order and enact—

setting up and causing to be (ref#110, p465).

You establish Your throne eternally (Ps 29:10).


Chord Progression:  (Am  Dm  G  Em7)  (Am7  Dm  G  Am)


FATHER, Your holiness befits Your house (Ps 93:5).

You are divine—irreproachable (ref#110, p401, 1297)—

supremely great (ref#110, p401)—

the hallowed GOD (ref#110, p1180).


Forevermore You are matchless;

You are without equal (ref#110, p834).

You are unrivaled—

yes, peerless and spotless (ref#110, p996, 1297).


FATHER, You are undefiled and faultless (ref#110, p1091)—

pure and errorless (ref#110, p1091, 515).

You are free from defects—(ref#110, p515).

perfectly correct—flawless (ref#110, p674, 515).


Holy, holy, holy are You, LORD (Isa 6:3).

You are perfect—sinless (ref#110, p644).

You are set apart and sacred (ref#110, p1180)—

immaculate and unspoiled (ref#110, p674).