Chord Progression:  (Am  Ddim  E  Edim)  (D  Dm  A/E  E)


…FATHER, You are full of splendor

Your works are majestic (Ps 111:3).

You are exceptional, remarkable, special—

altogether extraordinary (ref# 110, p482).


Because You are renowned

and greatly, oh so greatly famous (ref#110, p1137),

I ascribe to You,

glory and strength (Ps 29:1).


You are unexampled and unprecedented,

having no parallel (ref#110, p1457),

being wonderful, marvelous, amazing (ref#110, p1536),

and having exceptional merit (ref#110, p473).


You are incredible, splendid, supreme,

causing me astonishment (ref#110, p831),

excellent and outstanding (ref#110, p473)…

I ascribe to You glory (Ps 29:1).


Chord Progression:  (C  A7  Dm  G7)  (F  A7  Dm  G7)


You are GOD of gods and LORD of lords (Ps 8:1).

Incontestable—not to be contested,

unquestionable—not to be questioned,

You are sovereign (ref#110, p676).


You are in the heavens (Isa 29:14)—above others,

excelling and surpassing, having authority and power (ref#110, p1062).

You are effective in action (ref#110, p1056)—

potent and preeminent (ref#110, p1056, 1062).


You do as You please (Isa 29:14),

subsisting by and of Yourself,

without external agency.

You are self-existent (ref#110, p1218).


You are great and mighty—the awesome GOD (Ps 8:1).

You are imperial—

having supreme authority (ref#110, p676).

You cannot be compelled and are unconstrained (ref#110, p1453).


GOD of gods—

LORD of lords—

the great, the mighty—

the awesome GOD (Ps 8:1)!


Chord Progression:  (Am7  G  Abdim  Am7)  (Fmaj  Em7  Dm7  G7)


Your throne, O GOD, is forever and ever (Ps 45:6)

for You are perpetual—

continuing indefinitely,

and eternally permanent (ref#110, p1006).


You are unquenchable (ref#110, p1462)

and cannot be emptied or used up;

You are tireless (ref#110, p691)—

unable to be subdued or overcome (ref#110, p1462).


CHRIST, You are all and in all (Col 3:11)—

existing outside the experience of man.

You exceed normal bounds (ref#110, p1344)

and certainly are inexhaustible (ref#110, p691).


For You are supernatural (ref#110, p1344)—

vast, extensive and great—

You are not confined or limited (ref#110 p1284)

but forever immortal (ref#110, p675).


Chord Progression:  (C C6  Cmaj  C6)  (C  G+/Eb Cmaj  C6)


FATHER, let me speak of Your awesome deeds (Ps 145:6).

They are outstanding and illustrious—

distinguished and famous (ref#110, p673).

They are beyond debate (ref#110, p1456).


Your deeds are beyond the range of my perception—

outside my senses.

They are supersensible (ref#110, p1344),

and undisputable—beyond arguing (ref#110, p1456).


The LORD my GOD is great (Deut 7:21)—

astonishingly great.

You are stupendous—overwhelming (ref#110, p1331)—

deserving glory (ref#110, p575).


LORD GOD, You are my GOD (Deut 7:21).

You are resplendent—dazzling—

full of brightness (ref#110, p1144)—

splendid, magnificent, and glorious (ref#110, p575).


Chord Progression:  (Am  G/B  C  Am)  (Dm  Dm7  E  Am)


Your righteousness is like the mountains (Ps 36:6).

You have the power to judge rightly;

You are wisdom—

following the soundest course of action (ref#110, p1533).


Your judgments are like the great deep (Ps 36:6);

You are judicious and wise (ref#110, p731)—

forthright and direct (ref#110, p531)—

showing sound decisions (ref#110, p731).


You are justified in Your verdict (Ps 51:4)—

having and applying fair rulings (ref#110, p731).

You are deliberate—

tendentious (ref#110, p1378).


You are faultless in Your judgment (Ps 51:4).

You are not unjust or unfair,

nor variable or fluctuating—

nor equal to anyone else (ref#110, p1456).


Chord Progression:  (C  Gdim  Dm7  G)  (C  Ab7  Dm7  G7)


FATHER, You sit on Your holy throne (Ps 47:8).

You reign as King forever and ever (Ps 10:16).

You are indivertible;

You cannot be turned aside (ref#110, p688).


You are the King of all the earth (Ps 47:7).

You cannot be kept from doing what You want;

You are undeterred (ref#110, p1456).

You cannot be defeated or surpassed (ref#110, p1451).


You reign over the nations (Ps 47:8).

You are supranational—

You are over all the nations in authority (ref#110, p1346);

You have within Yourself all that is necessary (ref#110, p1217).


You are highly exalted (Ps 47:9);

You are the highest point;

You are the pinnacle (ref#110, p1026).

Unbeatable and self-contained (ref#110, p1451, 1217).


Chord Progression:  (C  Gm  C  Bb)  (C  Ab  Bb  C)


FATHER, You are a rock and fortress (2 Sam 22:2)—

my sanctuary.

You are a preserve—

my hiding place (ref#110, p275-276).


You are LORD, the deliverer (2 Sam 22:2).

You provide for me,

You make available (ref#110, p1083),

for You are my vanguard (ref#110, p1475).


You are a shield and horn of salvation (2 Sam 22:3).

You are my protector—

a guardian and defender (ref#110, p1081)—

and for me, alert and vigilant (ref#110, p1508).


You are a stronghold and refuge—my Savior (2 Sam 22:3).

You are a solace—

You comfort—You ease,

You relieve and console me (ref#110, p1275).


Chord Progression:  (C  G/B  C  F) (D/F#  C/G  G7  C)


FATHER, You are great in might (Jer 10:6).

You defeat, conquer, and overcome—

You are a vanquisher (ref#110, p1475).

You exercise power and control (ref#110, p279).


Your right hand exalts (Ps 118:16);

You are triumphant—

prevailing and undefeatable—

You are successful and victorious (ref#110, p1432).


Your right hand does valiantly (Ps 118:16).

You are brave and resolute—

determined and full of courage (ref#110, p1473).

You command—directing with authority (ref#110, p279).


There is none like You (Jer 10:6).

You are mighty and effective (ref#110, p1058);

You are vigorous, passionate, and zealous—

leading “with firm authority.” (ref#110, p1329).