Chord Progression:  (Am  G/B  C  Am)  (Dm  Dm7  E  Am)


Your righteousness is like the mountains (Ps 36:6).

You have the power to judge rightly;

You are wisdom—

following the soundest course of action (ref#110, p1533).


Your judgments are like the great deep (Ps 36:6);

You are judicious and wise (ref#110, p731)—

forthright and direct (ref#110, p531)—

showing sound decisions (ref#110, p731).


You are justified in Your verdict (Ps 51:4)—

having and applying fair rulings (ref#110, p731).

You are deliberate—

tendentious (ref#110, p1378).


You are faultless in Your judgment (Ps 51:4).

You are not unjust or unfair,

nor variable or fluctuating—

nor equal to anyone else (ref#110, p1456).

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