Tuesday – Friday’s blog

Personally, the only facts I want to remember are spiritual facts—eternal tidbits that extend beyond this finite world. I just have a huge desire to make my nest among them—a buffer of sorts to keep me from breathing too much of the GOD-ignoring air in this worldly world.

I enjoy collecting new-to-me spiritual truths from SPIRIT-filled authors.  I firmly believe too, that I need to remind myself of spiritual truths I know. So the quotes from book writers as well as Scripture quotes dot my prayers.

And, to be honest, I like to read these prayers in the presence of GOD so I have something worthwhile to say to Him whether it be:

  1. complimenting Him on some attribute of His
  2. asking Him to bestow His promised blessings on people I love
  3. verbalizing my praise to Him
  4. agreeing with the SPIRIT’s convicting.

These are love letters, poems, songs to my lover, GOD.

I know my prayers are not your prayers; we are all different. I’m even different in different situations. Certain prayers impact me in certain moods.

But what will always be the same and never change is spiritual words and concepts. Spiritual information can be applied to everyone’s present circumstances. It’s possible for you to gain from my personal prayers.

For instance, The Valley of Vision, is a book of written prayers. They are meaningful to me not because I can pray them for myself before GOD, but so I can learn and use the spiritual concepts they convey.

“…let us not simply learn about the heroes of faith but also learn from them” John Calvin (ref#164, July 27).

This blog contains writings where GOD influenced me through Scripture and 90+ SPIRIT-filled authors for the past six years. Frankly these prayers are not just made up prayers, but a testament of my life.



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