Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 1.24.38 PMFATHER, cause us now to stop and think of how many we know that cannot or will not pray to You. We think of people we know that are presently going through calamity who are so traumatized that they cannot pray.

We think of others that are reveling in their selfishness and have no desire to meet You in prayer. Who will pray for them? We must—we, the ones whom You have graced and blessed far beyond our deserving.

It is also necessary that we pray for Your mature ones who have taken up the call to be Your ambassadors. They always are in the enemy’s territory and need the SPIRIT’s help constantly. Let us remember how many times the Apostle Paul cried out desiring prayer for himself.

Give us, FATHER, a deep longing for others—so deep that we forget about our own little load of oppressive faults (Gal 6:5). Make us Your intercessors. AMEN.


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