Chord Progression:  (C  Gdim  Dm7  G)  (C  Ab7  Dm7  G7)


FATHER, You sit on Your holy throne (Ps 47:8).

You reign as King forever and ever (Ps 10:16).

You are indivertible;

You cannot be turned aside (ref#110, p688).


You are the King of all the earth (Ps 47:7).

You cannot be kept from doing what You want;

You are undeterred (ref#110, p1456).

You cannot be defeated or surpassed (ref#110, p1451).


You reign over the nations (Ps 47:8).

You are supranational—

You are over all the nations in authority (ref#110, p1346);

You have within Yourself all that is necessary (ref#110, p1217).


You are highly exalted (Ps 47:9);

You are the highest point;

You are the pinnacle (ref#110, p1026).

Unbeatable and self-contained (ref#110, p1451, 1217).