Prayer Facts:

“Satan dreads nothing but prayer—The church that lost its Christ was full of good works….Souls may be lost in good works, as surely as in evil ways. The one concern of the devil is to keep the saints from prayer….He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray” E. M. Bounds (ref#54, p186).

Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because Your mercy and lovingkindness endure forever (Ps 118:29), I will wait for You.

Because You will be gracious to the sound of my cry (Isa 30:19), I will wait for You.

Because You pardon my guilt (Ps 25:11), I will wait for You.

Because You are my hiding place (Ps 32:7), I will wait for You.

Read Through the Bible in a Year: July 29th – Aug 4th

July 29      Micah 1-4; Rom 14

July 30      Micah 5-7; Ps 46

July 31       Isa 8-10; Rom 15

Aug 1          Isa 11-14; Rom 16

Aug 2          Isa 15-18; Eph 1

Aug 3          Isa 19-21; Eph 2

Aug 4          Isa 22-24; Eph 3



[The majority of our prayers concern physical health. We all know someone who is dealing with the pain of sickness. Here is an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.]


FATHER, You have set eternity in my heart and I resist the death of anything (Eccl 3:11). It is natural to pray for healing. Therefore, I can often fall into thinking the objective of my healing prayers is to gain back for someone a degree of health.

CHRIST’s reason for healing was not to get rid of the sickness only. Healing was not just an isolated incident where He proved His power. He came to create a brand new people.

Refresh my memory, FATHER, that Your Son raised His friend Lazarus from the dead not to heal him, but so others would have eyes to lay hold of Your Son—the eternal Resurrection (John 11:25).

Cause me to remember that healing is not just You giving back health, but healing is a part of the Gospel—not just a result of it. Healing is CHRIST giving Himself as the eternal Resurrection (John 11:15).

Healing is a helper to the advancement of the Gospel because it causes the unbelievers and the believers to be separated. The crowd’s response was one of glorifying GOD with awe when CHRIST healed the paralytic in Matt 9:8. But when He healed the man with the withered hand in Luke 6:11, some were filled with fury. Healing fetches out a true heart response to those observing the healing. It advances Your kingdom by shaking people out of their stagnation and forcing them to commit to being for or against You.

As You prompt my mind to dwell on these things, I pray for ____. I pray for (his/her) healing not only because my human desires want to see her well, but I want to see You bringing Your heavenly kingdom to earth by shaking Your creation out of their complacency and verifying CHRIST to be the eternal resurrection.


Chord Progression:  (C  Ebm  C  Ebm)  (C  Bb  F  C)


…FATHER, how manifold are Your works (Ps 104:24).

You are omniscient—

knowing all things and

having infinite knowledge (ref#110, p946).


In wisdom You have made Your works (Ps 104:24).

You have the “power of judging rightly and

following the soundest course of action.”

You are the all-wise GOD (ref#110, p1533).


Great are You, LORD (Ps 147:5).

You are the “source of enlightenment;”

You illuminate and inspire (ref#110, p1411).

You are filled with light (ref#110, p804).


Your understanding is infinite (Ps 147:5);

You are the all-knowing GOD—

deliberate and intentional—

And aware of everything (ref#110, p748).



…FATHER, theologians have coined the word, “compatabilism” to address the doctrines of divine sovereignty and human responsibility. These are two doctrines that are difficult to be reconciled together in the human mind. However, the “writers of the Bible are not embarrassed to put side by side teachings that do not fit our logic. For example, Peter charges his hears on the day of Pentecost with wickedness in killing Christ yet admits it was all in God’s plan (Acts 2:23). Jesus says, ‘No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.’ And He also says, ‘Whoever comes to me I will never drive away’(John 6:37,44)” Will Metzger (ref#79, p108).

“God has, from the beginning, chosen a people unto salvation; but that does not mean there is no need for evangelists to preach the Gospel, or for sinners to believe it; it is by such means that His eternal counsels are effectuated” Arthur W. Pink (ref#152, p131).

FATHER, Your sovereignty does not release me from being responsible for my actions. And my human responsibility does not permit me to do anything without Your help. FATHER, I don’t want to be slothful. I want to do what I know I should.


Chord Progression: (C C Am D) (G C Dsus G)




every perfection adorns thy nature

and sustains thy throne;


“The heavens and earth are thine;

the world is thine and its fullness.

Thy power created the universe from nothing;

Thy wisdom has managed all its multiple concerns….” The Valley of Vision (ref# 76, p 216).


Thy goodness, it is boundless;

All, yes, all creatures wait on thee—

and all are supplied by thee, O LORD,

and all are satisfied (ref# 76, p 216).



“it is the flame of my life to worship thee,

the crown and glory of my soul to adore thee,

heavenly pleasure to approach thee.


“Give me thy Spirit to help me worship now,

that I may forget the world,

be brought into fullness of life,

be refreshed, comforted, blessed” The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p196).





Every perfection adorns You.


Prayer Facts:

“Prayer is affirming God’s sovereignty, righteousness, and majesty and seeking to conform our desires and our purposes to His will and glory” John MacArthur (ref#36. p375).

Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because all things originate with You and come from You; all things live through You and all things center in and tend to consummate and end in You (Rom 11:36), I will wait for You.

Because You are trustworthy and faithful and mean what You say (2 Cor 1:18), I will wait for You.

Because You are among us—a mighty and terrible GOD (Deut 7:21), I will wait for You.

Read Through the Bible in a Year: July 22nd – 28th

July 22      Isa 4-5; Rom 8

July 23      Isa 6-7; 2 Chron 26-27; Rom 9

July 24      2 Kings 15-16; Hosea 1; Rom 10

July 25      Hosea 2-5; Ps 45

July 26      Hosea 6-9; Rom 11

July 27      Hosea 10-12; Rom 12

July 28      Hosea 13-14; Rom 13



[We all can think of a Christian sister or brother experiencing so much affliction they may not be able to pray for themselves. Here’s an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.]


 “The proof that God has altered our dispositions is not that we persuade ourselves He has, but that we prove He has when circumstances put us to the test” Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (ref#118, p31).

I pray this present situation show the well of sweetness You, FATHER, have placed in ____ (ref#118, p31). May it prove to (him/her) as well as all involved in the circumstance that You have changed (his/her) disposition.

FATHER, as I pray for ____ I ask that You grant (him/her) assurances of Your activities in (his/her) life. Strengthen ____ with Your own great power so that (he/she) “…will not give up when troubles come…” (Col 1:11 NCV). I ask not for a sign of better circumstances ahead but I pray that You give ____ “the sense of Thy blessing and approval” Oswald Chambers (ref#27, p65).


Chord Progression  (Cmaj  Fsus  F  Fm/C)  (C  Csus  F/A  Fm/Ab)


To You, O LORD, belongs righteousness (Dan 9:7).

You act “in a just, upright manner” (ref#110, p1156)—

“making no mistakes.”

You are inerrant (ref#110, p690).

FATHER, You are upright (Ps 92:15)

and, FATHER, You are innocent.

You are sinless (ref#110, p1253)—

“without defect or error” (ref#110, p676).


There is no unrighteousness in You (Ps 92:15).

You are incapable of failing,

and One absolutely infallible

for You are “dependable, reliable, sure” (ref#110, p691).


You are “without conditions or reservations;”

You are absolute—

Unconditional (ref#110, p1452)

and “incapable of wrong doing” (ref#110, p676).