Chord Progression  (Am  Dm  F  C)  (Bdim  Am/E  E7  Am)


In Your hand are power and might (1 Chron 29:12).

You are the victor—

the winner in battle—

the conqueror (ref#110, p1487).


You distinguish Yourself;

having great fame and glory (ref#110, p806).

You are powerfully attractive—

magnetic (ref#110, p813).


Too great to be counted,

You are incalculable (ref#110, 681).

You are Master of being many-sided,

having qualities and accomplishments innumerable

(ref#110, p825).


You are imperious, skillful—an expert— (ref#110, p833).

Masterful when You thunder.

As the GOD of glory,

You are full of majesty (ref#110, p833) (Ps 29:3-4).