Chord Progression  (C  Bb/D  C  Bb/D)  (F  Eb/G  F  Eb/G)


…FATHER, You keep love forever (Ps 89:28).

You are constant and do not change—

unyielding and established—

You are steadfast (ref#110, p1311).


Your covenant will stand firm (Ps 89:28).

You are devoted—faithful.

You are dedicated (ref#110, p360)—

“characterized by foresight” (ref#110, p1083).


You will not violate Your covenant (Ps 89:34).

You are dependable—reliable.

And, You are trustworthy (ref#110, p1436);

And, You speak the truth (ref#110, p1482).


You will not alter the words from Your mouth (Ps 89:34).

You are “honest and forthright”—

authentic and sincere—

You, O LORD, are altogether genuine (ref#110, p563).