Chord Progression: (C  Ddim  Fdim  C)  (Fdim  Bdim Ddim  C)


Your steadfast love extends to the heavens (Ps 36:5).

You are staunch and loyal (ref#110, p1310)—

cohesive and persistent (ref#110, p1378)—

unwavering and tenacious (ref#110, p1465, 1378).


You, LORD, will not leave me or destroy me (Deut 4:31).

Because You are firm in Your purposes,

being resolute and determined (ref#110, p1142),

You are impervious to any enemy (ref#110, p677).


You will not forget Your covenant (Deut 4:31).

You are always unfailing—

You are inexhaustible (ref#110, p1457);

You are forever faithful (ref#110, p487).


Your faithfulness extends to the clouds (Ps 36:5).

You are responsible,

reliable and exact—

constant and trustworthy (ref#110, p487).


Chord Progression  (Am  Dm  F  C)  (Bdim  Am/E  E7  Am)


In Your hand are power and might (1 Chron 29:12).

You are the victor—

the winner in battle—

the conqueror (ref#110, p1487).


You distinguish Yourself;

having great fame and glory (ref#110, p806).

You are powerfully attractive—

magnetic (ref#110, p813).


Too great to be counted,

You are incalculable (ref#110, 681).

You are Master of being many-sided,

having qualities and accomplishments innumerable

(ref#110, p825).


You are imperious, skillful—an expert— (ref#110, p833).

Masterful when You thunder.

As the GOD of glory,

You are full of majesty (ref#110, p833) (Ps 29:3-4).


Chord Progression: (C  G/F  Edim  C/F)  (Dm  Am  G7  C)


You are the God who works wonders—(Ps 77:14).

luxuriant wonders—

rich and extravagant—

profuse and excessive (ref#110, p807).


With Your arm You redeem Your people (Ps 77:15).

You accommodate and oblige;

You are ready to reconcile and help (ref#110, p8);

You give freely (ref#110, p589).


The hungry soul You fill with good things (Ps 107:9).

Full of affection and love, You are tender (ref#110, p1378).

You satisfy the longing soul (Ps 107:9)

for You are considerate and gentle (ref#110, p1378).


What god is great like our God (Ps 77:13)?

You vivify;

You give life (ref#110, p1494).

Your way, O God, is holy (Ps 77:13).


Chord Progression: (C/E  G/F  C/E  F6)  (Gsus  F7  G  C)


FATHER, You are the absolute highest—(ref#110, p1341)

sitting enthroned as King forever (Ps 29:10).

You are self-perpetuating—

You have indefinite continuation of Yourself (ref#110, p1218).


You are indubitable—indisputable (ref#110, p689);

in Your hand are power and might (2 Chron 20:6).

No one may question You (ref#110, p689),

none can withstand You (2 Chron 20:6).


You are magnifico—

having the highest rank (ref#110, p814).

You sit enthroned— (Ps 29:10)

ruling over all the kingdoms of the nations (2 Chron 20:6).


You can never be reduced

because You are uncurtailed (ref#110, p1453).

The announcement of Yourself is the

self-proclaimed GOD of the summit (ref#110, p1218, 1341).


Chord Progression: ( C  Gm  C  Bb  )  (  C  Ab  Bb  C  )


The LORD reigns (Ps 93:1).

You are of great significance

having influence, power and importance (ref#110, p1515).

You are unforgettable (ref#110, p1457).


You are clothed in majesty (Ps 93:1)—


grand and exalted—

rich and sumptuous (ref#110, p814).


Because You have girded Yourself with strength (Ps 93:1),

You have magnificence.

Being stately You possess imposing beauty;

You have richness and splendor (ref#110, p813-814).


For Your mighty deeds (Ps 150:2),

You are formidable (ref#110, p530).

For Your excellent greatness (Ps 150:2),

You are impressive and awe-inspiring (ref#110, p530).


You reign (4x).


Chord Progression: ( C  Em  C7  F  ) ( Fm  C  G7  C )


FATHER, in Your steadfast love,

You lead the people whom You have redeemed (Ex 15:13).

You are solicitous—

showing attention, concern and care (ref#110, p1276).


You guide Your people by Your strength (Ex 15:13).

You are ardent;

You are passionate and enthusiastic—

zealous and devoted (ref#110, p72).


Your behavior is affectionate;

You always express love (ref#110, p801),

for Your lovingkindness is everlasting—

for You are simply good (1 Chron 16:34).


Since You are prodigal,

extremely generous and profusely abundant (ref#110, p1073),

lead us to Your holy abode (Ex 15:13).

Woo us, entreat, coax, and urge us (ref#110, 1536).


We will give thanks to You (1 Chron 16:34),

for You are thoughtful and heedful,

attentive, kind and considerate (ref#110, p1393).

Yes, we will give thanks to You (1 Chron 16:34).


Chord Progression:  (C  C+  Am  Bb)  (C  Ab  Gm  C)


screen-shot-2017-02-21-at-2-32-16-pm…FATHER, because You are from everlasting (Ps 103:17),

You are inapprehensible to me.

You cannot be fathomed, grasped—

assimilated or comprehended (ref#110, p680).


Because You inhabit eternity (Isa 57:15),

You are eternally ageless (ref#110, p24),


never changing or varying (ref#110, p675).


Because You are high and lifted up (Isa 57:15),

You are inapproachable (ref#110, p681)—

beyond bounds—

unrestrained and excessive (ref#110, p482).


Because You dwell in a holy place

and also with him who is contrite (Isa 57:15),

You are undescribable (ref#110, p1456);

Your steadfast love is forever (Ps 103:17).


Chord Progression: (C  F  Bdim  Em)  (Am  Dm  G7  C)


screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-3-46-32-pm…FATHER, no one is like You,

majestic in holiness (Ex 15:11)—


radiant and resplendent (ref#110, p1129).


The fullness of the earth is Yours (1 Cor 10:26).

You rise above—

being supremely remarkable.

You are supereminent (ref#110 p,1343).


You are awesome in glorious deeds (Ex 15:11)—

unusual to a striking degree.

You are spectacular and (ref#110, p1288)

distinguished above all (ref#110, p1343).


Who is a GOD like You, doing wonders (Ex 15:11)?

You are unconceivable—

too great to be imagined (ref#110, p1464);

You are beyond human expression (ref#110, p1463).



Chord Progression:  (Am  D  F  Esus)    (Am  F  G  Am)


screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-3-24-35-pmFATHER, You are not a GOD far off (Jer 23:23).

You are long-suffering—

bearing injuries and insults—

enduring trouble for a long time (ref#110, p797).


You are a GOD who practices steadfast love (Jer 9:24).

You are good-hearted (ref#110, p581)—

gracious and pleasant (ref#110, p743)—

kind and generous (ref#110, p581).


You are a GOD at hand (Jer 23:23).

You pay attention—

You are observant—

considerate and devoted (ref#110, p88).


You practice righteousness in all the earth (Jer 9:24).

You are extravagant—

giving more than enough;

You are lavish (ref#110, p765).


Chord Progression: (Am  G  C  F)  (E  Am  E7  Am)


screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-2-57-54-pm…FATHER, You have established Your throne (Ps 103:19).

You are unmovable—

fixed and unchanging (ref#110, p1461);

You are steady and unfaltering (ref#110, p1457).


Your kingdom rules over all (Ps 103:19).

You are sovereign—

supreme in power—

superior in authority—

You are above all (ref#110, p1283).


You are unusually excellent—

exceeding and excelling (ref#110, p1347).

You are sufficient—

equal to what I require (ref#110, p1338).


You are greater than all gods (2 Chron 2:5)—

predominate and prevailing

in influence and effect.

You are superior in strength (ref#110, p1067).