Chord Progression: (Am G E7 Am) (Dm G E7 Am)


Before You there was no GOD formed;

there was no such thing as a GOD—(Isa 43:10)

nothing pre-exists but Yourself (ref#15, [Isa 43:10]).

Your dominion is entirely original (ref#16, [Isa 43:10]).


There shall not be any GOD after You,

there never will be (Isa 43:10).

You are the only true and eternal GOD— (ref#16, [Isa 43:10]).

the Alpha and Omega (Rev 1:8).

Surely, as You have thought,

so it shall come to pass,

and as You have purposed, LORD,

so it shall stand (Isa 14:24).


You fill the heavens and You fill the earth (ref#15, [Jer 23:23]).

You are a GOD that notices things—

things that are close at hand and things far away (Jer 23:23).

Your power is not limited but universal (ref#16, [Jer 23:23]).

Yahweh!—strong and mighty;

“Merciful Being”—full of tenderness,

“The gracious One”—naturally good,

You, the loving GOD (ref#15, [Ex 34:6]).


Let me hear of Your steadfast love;

Make me know the way I should go (Ps 143:8).

Deliver me from my enemies (Ps 143:9);

Let Your good Spirit lead me (Ps 143:10).


Chord Progression: (C A7 Dm Bdim) (C F C G)


“O Lord our God,

Thy name is writ in glory

O’er countless worlds

that tell Creation’s story” Arthur S. Way (ref#38, p265, [Ps 8]).


To You, “Adonai…Director, Ruler

Judge, Supporter of men” (ref#15, [Ps 8:1]).

“…the majesty and glory of your name

fills all the earth and” (Ps 8:1 TLB) heav’n.


O LORD, brilliant LORD,

how excellent is Your name,

Your majestic name fills the earth!

Your greatness is Your fame (Ps 8:1)!


“O LORD, our heav’nly King,

Thy name is all divine;

Thy glories round the earth are spread,

And o’er the heav’ns they shine” Isaac Watts (ref#102, p13, [Ps 8]).


FATHER, You have displayed Your splendor;

In the heavens You establish Your faithfulness (Ps 8:1).

Your unfailing love will last forever;

In it I will always be blest.


Chord Progression: (Am Dm Am Dm) (G7 C E7 Am)


You, LORD, have formed me—

You have redeemed me

And, You, LORD, called me by name

I am Yours (Isa 43:1).


Since I am precious in Your sight,

Since I am honored and You love me,

You will give other men in my place,

And other people in exchange for my life (Isa 43:4).


I am Your witness

and Your servant whom You have chosen

in order that You may know me

and I understand You (Isa 43:10).


You will make a roadway in the wilderness,

and carve out rivers in the dessert for me (Isa 43:19).

And I, whom You formed for Yourself

Will declare Your praise (Isa 43:21).


I’ll sing to You, LORD a new song (Ps 149:1);

Let me exalt in Your glory (Ps 149:5).

Let the high praises be in my mouth (Ps 149:6).

For Your name alone is exalted (Ps 148:13).


Chord Progression: (Am Fmaj G Em) (F Dm E Am)


The time is coming when,

the earth shall be filled with Your knowledge—

filled with the awareness of Your glory,

as the waters cover the sea (Hab 2:14).


Though You are high, You regard the lowly,

Your right hand delivers me.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble (Ps 138:6-7),

You will fulfill Your purpose for me (Ps 138:8).


You LORD will surely save me;

So I will play my songs on instruments

all the days of my life

at Your house, LORD (Isa 38:20).


GOD, You are light and in You is no darkness (1 John 1:5).

You alone have immortality,

dwelling in unapproachable light,

to whom be honor and everlasting power (1 Tim 6:16).


Chord Progression: (C Am G Dm) (Cdim Dm Am A7)


“It is good…to declare your steadfast love in the morning,

and your faithfulness by night,” (Ps 92:1-2 ESV).

“For your steadfast love is great to the heavens,

your faithfulness to the clouds” (Ps 57:10 ESV).


“Your righteousness is like the mountains…

your judgments are like the great deep;…” (Ps 36:6 ESV).

“Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom,

and your dominion endures throughout all generations…” (Ps 145:13 ESV).


“…’Great and amazing are your deeds,

O Lord God the Almighty!

Just and true are your ways,

O King of the nations” (Rev 15:3 ESV)!


“Who will not fear, O Lord,

and glorify your name?

For you alone are holy.

…for your righteous acts have been revealed.’” (Rev 15:4 ESV).


“Your name, O Lord, endures forever,

your renown, O Lord, throughout all ages” (Ps 135:13 ESV).

“How great are your works, O LORD,

how profound your thoughts” (Ps 92:5 NIV)!


Chord Progression: (Cmaj Fmaj Gmaj Cmaj) (C Fm Ddim C)



I will regard You as holy.

You will be my fear all day long

and You will be my dread (Isa 8:13).


I shall sing to You, “Praise the Lord” (Jer 20:13)!

You, who made the earth by Your great power;

You established the world by Your wisdom;

and by Your understanding stretched out the heavens (Jer 51:15).


You, who formed the mountains and created the wind,

and declared to man what is his thought,

You tread on the heights of the earth—

THE GOD OF HOSTS is Your name (Amos 4:13).


For from days of old, yes,

no one has heard or perceived by ear,

nor has any eye seen a GOD besides You,

who acts as I wait for You (Isa 64:4).


Make me to know your ways, O Lord;

teach me your paths.

Lead me in your truth and teach me (Ps 25:4-5).

None who wait for you shall be put to shame (Ps 25:3).


Chord Progression: ( C  Bb  Eb  G7 ) ( Cm  Ab  G  C )


FATHER, You are compassionate.

You deeply sympathize;

You are a God who pities (ref#110, p284);

there is no Savior besides You (Isa 43:11).


You are a merciful and gracious GOD (Ex 34:6)—

Extremely careful about details—

meticulous (ref#110, p854)

and slow to anger (Ex 34:6).


In Your faithfulness (Ex34:6)

You supply, give and furnish—

provide, equip and meet needs,

aiding and assisting us (ref#110, p1345).


Abounding in steadfast love (Ex 34:6),

You are gentle, courteous and kind (ref#110, p563),

unselfish and generous (ref#110, p562).

You are the LORD (Isa 43:11).



Chord Progression: (Am Dm G Em7) (Am Dm G C)


 Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me;

fight against those who fight against me.

Take hold of shield and buckler

and rise for my help.


Draw the spear, draw the javelin

against my pursuers!

Say to my soul,

“I am your salvation” (Ps 35:1-3).


You have seen, O LORD, be not silent

O LORD, be not far from me.

Awake and rouse Yourself for my cause,

my God and my LORD (Ps 35:22-23).


Vindicate me, O LORD,

according to Your righteousness.

Let none rejoice over me (Ps 35:24).

But, let them be put to shame (Ps 35:4).


Then my soul, yes, my soul will rejoice in You, LORD—

exulting in Your salvation.

All my bones shall say,

O LORD, who is like You? (Ps 35:9-10).


Shout for joy and be glad,

and let me say, “Great is the LORD” (Ps 35:27-28).

My tongue shall tell of Your righteousness

and of Your praise all the day long (Ps 35:28).


Chord Progression: (Am B7 E7 A7) (D7 G E/B Am)


Bless the LORD, O my soul!

O Lord my GOD,

You are very mighty!

You are clothed with honor and majesty (Ps 104:1).


For You are great

and do wondrous things;

You alone are GOD (Ps 86:10)—

the only true GOD (John 17:3).


I bow down toward Your holy temple

and give thanks to Your name

for Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness,

for You are exalted (Ps 138:2).


Above all things

You have magnified Your name and Your word.

So, I will worship toward Your holy temple

and praise Your name for Your loving-kindness (Ps 138:2).


Chord Progression: (C C/E F F7) (D/F# C/G G7 C)


GOD, You are the living GOD,

GOD, You endure forever;

Your kingdom shall never be destroyed,

and Your dominion shall be to the end.


You deliver and You rescue;

You work signs and wonders

in heaven and on the earth.

GOD, You are the living GOD (Dan 6:26-27).


No god is like my GOD,

descending from the heavens,

riding through the clouds

to come to my aid (Deut 33:26).


You, LORD GOD, keep faith forever,

You always do what You say—

keeping every promise,

always to be relied on (Ps 146:6).


You are slow to anger,

Huge in loyal love,

Forgiving iniquity and rebellion,

But never whitewashing sin (Num 14:18).


Your name and Your remembrance

are the desire of my soul,

I wait for You eagerly (Isa 26:8).

My spirit seeks You diligently (Isa 26:9).