Chord Progression:  (Cmaj  Dm7  Em7 Dm7)  (Em7  Fmaj  Ddim7  Fdim7)


To You wise GOD, be glory forevermore

through CHRIST!

Through CHRIST I praise You,

the incomparably wise GOD (Rom 16:27).


You are gracious, LORD,

and righteous altogether, Yes,

and merciful, compassionate,

and kindhearted (Ps 116:5).


When I call You answer;

You strengthen me with might—

making me inflexible to temptation

so my strength of soul is increased (Ps 138:3).


Engage me to declare Your lovingkindness in the morning,

announcing Your love each daybreak,

and singing of Your faithful presence

all through the night (Ps 92:2).


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