Chord Progression:  (C  Dm  G7  C)  (Em  Am  Dm  G7)


“Your testimonies are wonderful

[far exceeding anything conceived by man];…” (Ps 119:129 AMP).

“Your righteous testimonies are everlasting

and Your decrees are binding to eternity;…” (Ps 119:144 AMP).


“Your word is very pure (tried and well refined);…” (Ps 119:140 AMP).

“Your decrees are very trustworthy;…” (Ps 93:5 ESV).

You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness;…” (Heb 1:9 NKJV).

“…holiness befits your house, O Lord, forevermore” (Ps 93:5 ESV).


“You are the God Who does wonders;

You have demonstrated Your power among the peoples” (Ps 77:14 AMP).

“For you bless the righteous, O Lord;

you cover him with favor as with a shield” (Ps 5:12 ESV).


“You…have led forth…whom You have redeemed;

You have guided them in Your strength…” (Ex 15:13 AMP).

“You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive,

And abundant in mercy to all…who call upon You” (Ps 86:5 NKJV).


“Before the mountains were born

Or You gave birth to the earth and the world,

Even from everlasting to everlasting,

You are God” (Ps 90:2 NASU). You are GOD!!


Chord Progression: ( C  Em  C7  F  ) ( Fm  C  G7  C )


FATHER, in Your steadfast love,

You lead the people whom You have redeemed (Ex 15:13).

You are solicitous—

showing attention, concern and care (ref#110, p1276).


You guide Your people by Your strength (Ex 15:13).

You are ardent;

You are passionate and enthusiastic—

zealous and devoted (ref#110, p72).


Your behavior is affectionate;

You always express love (ref#110, p801),

for Your lovingkindness is everlasting—

for You are simply good (1 Chron 16:34).


Since You are prodigal,

extremely generous and profusely abundant (ref#110, p1073),

lead us to Your holy abode (Ex 15:13).

Woo us, entreat, coax, and urge us (ref#110, 1536).


We will give thanks to You (1 Chron 16:34),

for You are thoughtful and heedful,

attentive, kind and considerate (ref#110, p1393).

Yes, we will give thanks to You (1 Chron 16:34).


Chord Progression: (C  F/C  Dm6  C/E)  (C  F6  G7  C)


screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-3-55-05-pmTo the only GOD, be glory now and forever (Jude 25).

You are beyond experience—

transcendent and superior (ref#110, p1419),

excellent and important (ref#110, p1410).


To the only GOD, be majesty now and forever (Jude 25).

You are the foremost and greatest—

the choicest—the very best—

You are uppermost (ref#110, p1410).


To the only GOD, be authority now and forever (Jude 25).

You have a meaningful manner of speaking (ref#110, p1218)—

unencumbered (ref#110, p1456).

You alone are the Most High over all the earth (Ps 83:18).


To the only GOD, be dominion now and forever (Jude 25).

You are first in order—the zenith (ref#110, p1410)—

unconquerable and indomitable (ref#110, p689).

You are transcendent (ref#110, p1419).


Chord Progression: (C  F  Bdim  Em)  (Am  Dm  G7  C)


screen-shot-2017-02-18-at-3-46-32-pm…FATHER, no one is like You,

majestic in holiness (Ex 15:11)—


radiant and resplendent (ref#110, p1129).


The fullness of the earth is Yours (1 Cor 10:26).

You rise above—

being supremely remarkable.

You are supereminent (ref#110 p,1343).


You are awesome in glorious deeds (Ex 15:11)—

unusual to a striking degree.

You are spectacular and (ref#110, p1288)

distinguished above all (ref#110, p1343).


Who is a GOD like You, doing wonders (Ex 15:11)?

You are unconceivable—

too great to be imagined (ref#110, p1464);

You are beyond human expression (ref#110, p1463).


Chord Progression: (Am  G  C  F)  (E  Am  E7  Am)


screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-2-57-54-pm…FATHER, You have established Your throne (Ps 103:19).

You are unmovable—

fixed and unchanging (ref#110, p1461);

You are steady and unfaltering (ref#110, p1457).


Your kingdom rules over all (Ps 103:19).

You are sovereign—

supreme in power—

superior in authority—

You are above all (ref#110, p1283).


You are unusually excellent—

exceeding and excelling (ref#110, p1347).

You are sufficient—

equal to what I require (ref#110, p1338).


You are greater than all gods (2 Chron 2:5)—

predominate and prevailing

in influence and effect.

You are superior in strength (ref#110, p1067).


Chord Progression: (C  Em7  A7  Dm7)   (G7  Dm7 G7 C)


screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-3-24-34-pmYou, the Almighty are great in power (Job 37:23).

You are supercolossal—

extremely great and impressive (ref#110, p1342)—

grandiose and splendid (ref#110, p587).


You, the Almighty are great in justice (Job 37:23).

You are stunning—


remarkably attractive (ref#110, p1331).


You, the Almighty are great in abundant righteousness (Job 37:23).

You are remarkable—


worthy of notice (ref#110, p1134).


You, the Almighty are clothed with awesome majesty (Job 37:22).

You are laudable (ref#110, p764)—

having magnificence (ref#110, p587)—

commendable and praise worthy (ref#110, p764).


Chord Progression:  (C  Am  E7  Am)   (Ab7  C/G  G7  C)


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-20-59-pm…JESUS, You are the “bread of GOD” (John 6:33).

You have the disposition and power to forgive,

pity, and be kind—

You have mercy (ref#110, p849).


JESUS, You give life to the world (John 6:33).

You recreate (ref#110, p1122);

You are the “Servant”—

the devoted Person (ref#110, p1226).


To You, LORD, belong escape from death (Ps 68:20).

How gracious You are—

attractive and lovely (ref#110, p801)—

being versatile and competent (ref#110, p1483).


GOD, You are a GOD of salvation (Ps 68:20).

You restore, refresh, and create anew (ref#110, p1122),

being unbiased and objective—

impartial and without prejudice (ref#110, p1451).