Chord Progression: (C  Eb  F  G)  (C  A7  D7  G7)


You, GOD are known (Ps 76:1).

You are overt,

open and observable

with evident intent (ref#110, p965).


Because Your ways are right (Hos 14:9),

You are unremitting and persistent (ref#110, p1462),

tireless and vigorous (ref#110, p1403, 1488)

acting with energy and force (ref#110, p1488).


FATHER, You suffice,

You are adequate enough to satisfy,

yes, competent and able (ref#110, p1338)—

essential and required (ref#110, p688).


Your name is great (Ps 76:1)

for You are gallant,

stately and noble (ref#110, p552)—

indispensable—absolutely necessary (ref#110, p688).



Chord Progression:  (Am  Dm  G  Em7)  (Am7  Dm  G  Am)


FATHER, Your holiness befits Your house (Ps 93:5).

You are divine—irreproachable (ref#110, p401, 1297)—

supremely great (ref#110, p401)—

the hallowed GOD (ref#110, p1180).


Forevermore You are matchless;

You are without equal (ref#110, p834).

You are unrivaled—

yes, peerless and spotless (ref#110, p996, 1297).


FATHER, You are undefiled and faultless (ref#110, p1091)—

pure and errorless (ref#110, p1091, 515).

You are free from defects—(ref#110, p515).

perfectly correct—flawless (ref#110, p674, 515).


Holy, holy, holy are You, LORD (Isa 6:3).

You are perfect—sinless (ref#110, p644).

You are set apart and sacred (ref#110, p1180)—

immaculate and unspoiled (ref#110, p674).


Chord Progression: (C  F/C  Dm6  C/E)  (C  F6  G7  C)


screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-3-55-05-pmTo the only GOD, be glory now and forever (Jude 25).

You are beyond experience—

transcendent and superior (ref#110, p1419),

excellent and important (ref#110, p1410).


To the only GOD, be majesty now and forever (Jude 25).

You are the foremost and greatest—

the choicest—the very best—

You are uppermost (ref#110, p1410).


To the only GOD, be authority now and forever (Jude 25).

You have a meaningful manner of speaking (ref#110, p1218)—

unencumbered (ref#110, p1456).

You alone are the Most High over all the earth (Ps 83:18).


To the only GOD, be dominion now and forever (Jude 25).

You are first in order—the zenith (ref#110, p1410)—

unconquerable and indomitable (ref#110, p689).

You are transcendent (ref#110, p1419).