Chord Progression: ( C  Gm  C  Bb  )  (  C  Ab  Bb  C  )


The LORD reigns (Ps 93:1).

You are of great significance

having influence, power and importance (ref#110, p1515).

You are unforgettable (ref#110, p1457).


You are clothed in majesty (Ps 93:1)—


grand and exalted—

rich and sumptuous (ref#110, p814).


Because You have girded Yourself with strength (Ps 93:1),

You have magnificence.

Being stately You possess imposing beauty;

You have richness and splendor (ref#110, p813-814).


For Your mighty deeds (Ps 150:2),

You are formidable (ref#110, p530).

For Your excellent greatness (Ps 150:2),

You are impressive and awe-inspiring (ref#110, p530).


You reign (4x).

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