…FATHER, the presence of the SPIRIT instantly causes a conflict in me. His presence is so satisfying I am tempted to seek Him simply for the feelings His closeness creates. He comes, though, to bring me sanctification through my obedience to His leading. The conflict is, do I obey the SPIRIT or just enjoy His presence?

I know from experience that as soon as I focus on the happiness the SPIRIT brings, He leaves. Haven’t revivals through the ages been short-lived because men have sought SPIRIT-filled joy instead of obedience? Hasn’t the enemy freely imitated the SPIRIT because men have longed for only the blessings the SPIRIT brings?

This life with the SPIRIT is not about happiness although He enables me to experience unimaginable joy. It is about submission—letting You, FATHER, do as You please. The SPIRIT provides Your sanctification for me—He provides what is needed for my holiness; I simply must follow Him.

I pray for the SPIRIT to conquer my life. Send out Your SPIRIT, FATHER, to take me to Your habitation—the place where Your glory dwells (Ps 26:8).