[We all can think of a Christian sister or brother experiencing so much affliction they may not be able to pray for themselves. Here’s an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.]


 “The proof that God has altered our dispositions is not that we persuade ourselves He has, but that we prove He has when circumstances put us to the test” Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (ref#118, p31).

I pray this present situation show the well of sweetness You, FATHER, have placed in ____ (ref#118, p31). May it prove to (him/her) as well as all involved in the circumstance that You have changed (his/her) disposition.

FATHER, as I pray for ____ I ask that You grant (him/her) assurances of Your activities in (his/her) life. Strengthen ____ with Your own great power so that (he/she) “…will not give up when troubles come…” (Col 1:11 NCV). I ask not for a sign of better circumstances ahead but I pray that You give ____ “the sense of Thy blessing and approval” Oswald Chambers (ref#27, p65).

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