Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.22.35 PM…SOVEREIGN CREATOR, You do great things past finding out, yes, marvelous things without number (Job 9:10). You form the mountains and create the wind; You make the dawn out of darkness, and tread on the heights of the earth (Amos 4:13). You make lightning for the rain, and bring forth the wind from Your storehouses (Jer 10:13). You determine and count the number of the stars; You call them all by their names (Ps 147:4). And You declare to me what is my thought (Amos 4:13)!

You are known for the “marvelous order and beauty” of Your works (ref#56, p868, “God the Creator”), yet Your purpose is not just to create. You are SUSTAINER, “whose eternal plan covers all events and destinies without exception” The Reformation Study Bible (ref#56, p868, “God the Creator”), yet Your purpose is not just to create and maintain what You create.   Even though You are CREATOR and SUSTAINER, which reflects Your magnificence, You are also FATHER—ABBA FATHER, One who has created me for fellowship (1 John 1:3)!

CARING FATHER, You give up Your most precious possession—Your Son, sending Him to earth as the Savior (1 John 4:14). By my trust in CHRIST’s actions alone You adopt me into Your family. You make me no longer a slave of sin but Your child (Gal 4:7). Therefore You are CREATOR and SUSTAINER of the universe and also my DADDY.