“O Lord, how I long for Thee to bring me face to face with Thyself!  My soul thirtieth for Thee, for the touch of Thy grace, the breathing of Thy Spirit” Oswald Chambers (ref#27, p38).


Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 2.18.34 PMI cannot find out the deep things of You, GOD,

nor Your limit, Almighty.

I cannot explore Your depths,

or ascend to Your heights,


I cannot extend to Your breadths,

or comprehend Your infinite perfection.

No, I cannot explain the mystery of You,

nor diagram my GOD (Job 11:7).


The secret things belong to You, LORD,

but the revealed things are my business

and my children’s forever

that we may follow Your laws (Deut 29:29).


For who has a GOD so near,

as the LORD is to me.

For whatever reason I may call upon Him;

He is always ready to listen (Deut 4:7).


You are great in counsel and mighty in deed;

to my ways Your eyes are open,

rewarding me according to my work,

according to the fruit of my deeds (Jer 32:19).



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