Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.54.47 PMFATHER, Your love and patience toward each of us stretches over the entire expanse of our lives. I especially can’t fathom Your constant persistent efforts to pour out Your love on ____ who presently is resisting You.

The efforts You use to call ____ to respond to You, to name a few, are:

  • The magnificence of Your creation
  • Your providences of mercy (like providing food)
  • (His/Her) natural conscience
  • The Gospel You have explained in Your Bible (ref#61, Dec. 13th)

All these gestures toward ____ in love can be, day by day, always resisted. It saddens me to think of all Your many, constant, efforts to pursue ____and all (his/her) efforts to resist. This sadness drives me to pray. Unless You work “in people’s hearts to make the proclamation of the gospel effective, there will be no genuine saving response” (ref#63, p693).

Even though You have decided before we were born who will accept Your calling, Your called ones must voluntarily make a commitment to You. You will save no one “apart from their own willing response to the gospel” (ref#63, p693).

Thus my prayer becomes two-part. I pray for Your move, FATHER, and I pray that ____ take the responsibility to accept what You call (him/her) to.

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