Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 2.42.08 PMAm reading notes about the Sabbath again and realizing that I have slipped in my determination to keep it holy. It’s a little discouraging. It certainly tells me that I cannot order my days in any spiritually productive way.

As with most everything, I must drop to my knees to tell GOD once again that I have failed—failed to be led by His HOLY SPIRIT. Once again He proves to me that there are too many opportunities in earthly living for me to choose what is good for me and glorifying to Him.

I may establish a righteous pattern but it never is set in concrete. Autopilot kicks in without my notice and before I realize the righteous pattern has morphed. Life is too fluid for me. So GOD spends a lot of time calling me back to Himself.

Reviewing, rehearsing, remembering is so necessary. But even knowing and striving to accomplish spiritual renewing is impossible. May I never accept personal pride in all my routines of renewing myself, for such does not keep me in my FATHER’s will.

Nothing keeps me in my FATHER’s will but my FATHER. His HOLY SPIRIT knows the way I should go. Not only do I need help from Him for my inadequacies I know, but for all I can never think of.

SPIRIT, I thank You for Your surprising words in my life. You tell me remarkable secrets I do not know (Jer 33:3). So, how long has it been since I asked for the FATHER for the SPIRIT (Luke 11:13)?

As far as keeping the Sabbath goes, it is not that I have forgotten about keeping it holy; I review what I know the dawn of each Sunday. The problem is that I’ve forgotten some things and the things I do remember I have ceased purposeful preparation. The slide into disobedience is so slow I don’t notice—I don’t notice until I am reminded again.

FATHER, thank You for reminding me today. I sat at the table and spread out my gathered notes with the goal of organizing them so I might write out more blog posts on the Sabbath. You have allowed me to organize but also You have been kind enough to dispatch Your SPIRIT to remind me of my slipping.

What a great GOD You are! It’s all-praise. How the culmination of all events leads to all-praise. The keys of the piano are not the only place I can praise You. The keys of this computer can draw me to it, too.