Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.50.10 PM…FATHER, all honor goes to You for not leaving anything for me to accomplish toward my salvation and sanctification. I do not convince myself of Your worth; I don’t read the Bible and decide I want to follow You. You mark out my path and I walk in it by the HOLY SPIRIT’s involvement in my life.

The words You have set in Your Bible I am able to read but not able to interpret. Your words are encased in human language but they are not limited to what the human mind can perceive (ref#79, p150).

“God’s language in his book is alive and full of power. Sharper than a two-edged sword, it cuts open the very thought life of people. It exposes and interprets what they think and feel” Will Metzger (ref#79, p150).

The SPIRIT’s witness to Scripture is not revealing new information but shedding light on what is already written. My mind held only darkness even as I read Scripture until You sent the SPIRIT to interpret Your Word to me. Suddenly I knew JESUS and the Scriptures were divine. The SPIRIT impressed them on me much like the way I sense taste and colors. Suddenly I found it impossible to doubt. The inward work of the HOLY SPIRIT persuaded and assured me. He bore witness with the Word in my heart and suddenly I had faith enough to believe (ref#56, p1677, “The Authentication of Scripture”).