…FATHER, I come to You ready for You to search me. Scripture says that I can “know” that I have eternal life.

For years now I’ve been settled believing I “know.” But is that because I’ve grown up in the church? The church says I’m supposed to possess the faith to believe Scripture. Do I believe I have eternal life because Scriptures says I should believe it? Are my beliefs just facts in my head with no HOLY SPIRIT influencing my actions?

There is a reason why You include in Your Word that creatures are not to judge (Matt 7:1) and it is because we are not capable of doing it correctly. That fact is brought home by Your words in Isaiah. JESUS is both Your divine Son and the Son of Man; in Isaiah 11:3 You are speaking of Him as the Son of Man. “…He will not judge by what His eyes see, Nor make a decision by what His ears hear;” (NASB).

I am not capable of making correct decisions on my own. With just my thinking I cannot make the decision that I “know” I have an eternal relationship with You. For my heart is deceitful and tells me lies (Jer 17:9). No, I require the HOLY SPIRIT to assure me that I’m going to live with You forever.

FATHER, take the literature I’ve collected for blogging this next year and allow me to wait in Your presence until You provide answers to the many questions written there. Send Yourself to me through Your SPIRIT that I may experience more and more assurances that I am bound for heaven when I die.

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