Once becoming a child, FATHER, then I must grow up. The first stage embraces a moment in time—You made me Your child

I can recognize the first stage of my new birth by a change in my attitudes. I am instantly more interested in You than in me.

The first part of the year 2018 will be dedicated to questioning myself as to whether I have changed internally and possess a new set of attitudes.

The second part of the year will be questioning myself whether I am working the new attitudes out into my actions.

“There is a period known to God

When all his sheep, redeemed by blood,

Shall leave the hateful ways of sin,

Turn to the fold, and enter in.


“Glory to God, they ne’er shall rove

Beyond the limits of his love;

Fenced with Jehovah’s shalls and wills,

Firm as the everlasting hills” J. Kent (ref#224,#76)