…FATHER, You know I can be surrounded by Christians—fit right in—hold my own in doing good yet possess no evidences of godliness—outwardly, yes, but inwardly, no.

“There is a condition that leads to…final condemnation—a condition of religious experience and Christian surroundings but no genuine fruit” Dan Cummings (ref#141, p1, “A Fearful Warning and  A Joy-filled Promise,” Sept 24, 2006).

O GOD, can I describe myself as a chameleon? One color for doing good; another color for doing bad? Feeling good about doing good; and feeling good about doing bad; living as I please?

“The unregenerate don’t fight sin—not in the sense that their ‘inner man’ is devastated by it…” Dan Cummings (ref#141, p6, “A Fearful Warning and  A Joy-filled Promise,” Sept 24, 2006).

So, LORD,  my test is to check myself to see how I feel inwardly about sinning:

“The test is, Do we love the law?  Do we hate our failure?  Do we cry out in dismay over our sinful condition?  Do we look to Christ and his righteousness?  Do we fly to the cross?  Do we confess and repent and renounce Satan and set our faces to go forward with Jesus on the Calvary road” John Piper, Who Is This Divided Man [Part 1] Dan Cummings (ref#141, p7, “A Fearful Warning and A Joy-filled Promise,” Sept 24, 2006).