FATHER, as You impress Your attributes on me and I begin to act like Your Son, more and more am I concerned about ones who don’t know You.  For me more and more Christlikeness is a slow process but it is progress nonetheless.

“I know what the gospel can do in people’s lives if they would believe the fullness of it, because I see what it is doing in me and in others.  Therefore, I have increasing boldness to speak the whole gospel to others, even amid opposition” Milton Vincent (ref#60, p51).

“The gospel give me boldness…by banishing my greatest fear…Living in the daily relief of…fear frees me up to…put…especially the fear of man, into perspective” Milton Vincent (ref#60, p50-51).

Will Metzger, in his book, Tell the Truth, sites Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ principles for evangelism:

“1.       The supreme objects of the work of evangelism is to glorify God, not to save souls.

2.        The only power that can do this work is the Holy Spirit, not our own strength.

3.        The one and only medium through which the Spirit works is the Scriptures; therefore, we ‘reason out of the Scriptures’ like Paul did” Will Metzger (ref#79, p30).

FATHER, You talk about no other subject in Your Word more than “evangelism.”  May I find such joy as JESUS in going about sharing You with others.