FATHER, cause me to realize how important it is to understand the workings of the HOLY SPIRIT. Prompt me to go back over my spiritual history and note His work in me.  Certainly affirming how the SPIRIT has changed me encourages and emboldens me to continue to move ahead with Him.

Below are five areas I can ask myself questions to confirm the HOLY SPIRIT is living in me:

ONE: His proper work is to convince me of sin (ref#225, p 358).

Does He humble me (ref#241, p 168)?

Does He uncrown the pride of self (ref#241, p168)?

Does He awaken grief or wound me with affliction causing me to realize my inabilities (ref#241, p168)?

Has He convinced me that only Jesus can meet my weak, sinful condition (ref#241, p168)?

TWO:  The SPIRIT makes me realize JESUS is my only hope to be delivered from my weak sinful self-poverty of spirit. (ref#241, p168)?

Has the SPIRIT opened my eyes to see “the glory, all-sufficiency, and suitableness of

Christ as…Saviour” (ref#241, p168)?

Do I see now how JESUS shields me from GOD’s wrath (ref#241, p169)?

Has the SPIRIT convinced me that JESUS supplies all my wants, cures all my diseases

and delivers me from my enemies (ref#241, p169)?

THREE: The SPIRIT makes me willing to take myself out of my own keeping and let JESUS keep me (Acts 16:31).

Has the SPIRIT opened my closed heart to receive CHRIST (ref#241, p169)?

Do I rest in CHRIST’s righteousness and grace (ref#241, p169)?

FOUR:  The HOLY SPIRIT moves me in a progressive life of faith.

Does the SPIRIT nudge, prod, push and mold me—remaking me (ref#230, p51)?

Does the SPIRIT energize my body, enlighten my mind, and inflame my heart

(ref#230, p40)?

“The Holy Spirit is here to interpret and vindicate Christ, to administer for Christ in His Church and Kingdom.  He…seeks out each one of those for whom Christ died, quickens them into newness of life, convict them of sin, gives them faith to lay hold of Christ, and causes them to grow in grace and become fruitful” A. W. Pink (ref#269, p42).

“When the Holy Spirit indwells our lives, He changes our desires, our needs, and our innermost goals—not necessarily eliminating our desires, needs, or goals but changing them….Most of us have developed a habit of thinking certain ways, acting in certain ways, and responding to certain situations in certain ways….Only the Holy Spirit can change our perspective on life, our response to life, and our evaluation of life” Charles F. Stanley (ref#230, p60-61).