The reason we must check ourselves for assurance of salvation is because we don’t routinely replenish ourselves with the truth of Scripture and daily believe and abide in CHRIST.

If I can’t answer, “Yes,” to the following questions may I feel my guilt, LORD, and confess my negligence with a contrite heart, then get into Bible reading and prayer:

Do I seek to be filled with the SPIRIT?   J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p150)

Do I seek to be more and more under the SPIRIT’s influence?  J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p150)

Do I strive to have every thought, and word, and action, and habit, brought under obedience to the leadings of the HOLY SPIRIT?  J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p150)

Do I avoid grieving the SPIRIT by inconsistencies and conformity to the world?  J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p150)

Do I cease quenching the SPIRIT by not trifling with little infirmities and small besetting sins?  J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p150)

Do I seek to have Him ruling and reigning more completely over me every week that I live?  J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p150)

Do I believe that I am a holy person in heart and life because I believe in CHRIST? J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p188-189)

Do I love what GOD loves and hate what GOD hates?   J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p189)

Do I look forward to death, judgment, and eternity without fear?   J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p188)

Because I believe in CHRIST, do I have inward peace and hope?   J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p187)

Do I have a humble sense of my own weakness?   J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p256)



“…true belief in Christ may be discerned and known” J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p187).

“The Spirit came upon Jesus Christ as the proof of God’s love to Him…Thus, the inhabitation of the Spirit in the Christian is both the surest sign of God’s fatherly love and the proof of his adoption” A.W. Pink (ref#269, p127).

“Baptism, Church-membership, respectability, morality, outward correctness, are all excellent things. But…” J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p148).

“We must be made ‘partakers of the divine nature’…(2 Pet 1:4).  The Spirit must sanctify our carnal natures, and make them love spiritual things.  The Spirit must wean our affections from things below, and teach us to set them on things above.  The Spirit must bend our stubborn wills, and teach them to be submissive to the will of God. The Spirit must write again the law of God on our inward man, and put His fear within us.  The Spirit must transform us by the daily renewing of our minds, and implant in us the image of Him whose servants we profess to be” J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p135).

“Repentance toward God,—faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ,—holiness of heart and life,—habits of real private prayer,—love and reverence toward God’s Word,—these are the real proofs of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in a man’s soul” J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p146).

“…Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him” (Rom 8:9 ESV).

“The love of sin must be taken from us, as well as the guilt of sin removed; the desire of pleasing God must be implanted in us, as well as the fear of God’s judgment taken away; a love to holiness must be engrafted, as well as a dread of punishment removed” J.C. Ryle (ref#273, p135).