“O soul, of all the false signs of grace, none more dangerous than those that most resemble true ones, and never doth the devil more surely destroy than when transformed into an angel of light” John Flavel (ref#333, p211).

The matter of life after earthly death is not only the most important subject to embrace but we must be aware that the temporary ruler of the earth will do everything in his power to keep us from fellowship with the eternal Ruler of all.  We need to continually check our spirit to see if we are walking with the eternal Spirit.


Can I tell my actions are becoming more like CHRIST?

“…there is no legitimate separation between belief and behavior.  Thus, those who profess faith but do not demonstrate any progress in godliness should question their spiritual state” (The ESV Study Bible, ref#125, p2322)


Are you saved by feeling you are, or by believing you are?

“…the New Testament does not insist upon feeling.  It says, do you believe; are you prepared to venture your all upon this?  So it is sufficient for you to say, ‘I live by this; whether I feel or whether I do not does not matter; we are not saved by feeling but by believing’” (Martyn Lloyd-Jones, ref#332, p649).


Does the Bible influence you to change your ways?

“If there is one fact, or doctrine, or promise in the Bible, which has produced no practical effect upon your temper or conduct, be assured that you do not truly believe it” (Edward Payson, ref#333, p327).


Does thoughts of your salvation give you peace?

“Is not the doctrine of the assurance of salvation a most comfortable doctrine?…except a man be persuaded of the favour of God, and the forgiveness of sins, and consequently of his salvation, what comfort can he have in anything” (Arthur Dent, ref#333, p109)?


Will I persevere?—failure to do so proves I am not converted.

“…If we have died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him…” (2 Tim 2:11-12 ESV).


Am I looking forward to living forever with JESUS?

“Those who have eternal life want more of it” (Martyn Lloyd-Jones, ref#332, p643).


“…men without Christ are guiltily ignorant of God, perverse more or less in their thoughts of Him, self-idolizers even in their outward worship of Him, and strangers to His friendship” (J.I. Packer, ref#312, p61).



Fearing a gospel that does not “wound (with conviction of sin) nor heal (via regeneration)” A.W. Pink (ref#269, back cover), I am convicted to continue urging us pew-sitters to make sure of our calling.  I wish not anyone to “die in the false comfort produced by Satan, and weep and wail for all eternity” A.W. Pink (ref#269, p73).

Going to heaven?  Be assured.  Answer “yes” to the below questions:

Has the SPIRIT quickened me so that I am “capable of discerning and being affected by Divine things in a spiritual way” A. W. Pink (ref#269, p69)?

Does my conscience bear witness that I am a child of GOD instead of believing I’m dying more and more to indwelling sin? A. W. Pink (ref#269, p136)

Do I desire to be “conformed to the image of Christ” instead of being assured of escape from the wrath to come.  A. W. Pink (ref#269, p75)?

Do I believe that my “best performances are defiled instead of believing that I have some good points” A. W. Pink (ref#269, p75)?

Do I “look upon sinas the worst thing there is” as opposed to regarding eternal punishment as the greatest evil   A. W. Pink (ref#269, p75)?

Am I “moved to search the Scriptures daily to ascertain the things which GOD has prohibited and the things which He enjoins” A. W. Pink (ref#269, p123)?


NOTE: Until the end of this year the “Assurances” posts will contain quotes from A. W. Pink’s book, The Holy Spirit.