Fearing a gospel that does not “wound (with conviction of sin) nor heal (via regeneration)” A.W. Pink (ref#269, back cover), I am convicted to continue urging us pew-sitters to make sure of our calling.  I wish not anyone to “die in the false comfort produced by Satan, and weep and wail for all eternity” A.W. Pink (ref#269, p73).

Going to heaven?  Be assured.  Answer “yes” to the below questions:

Has the SPIRIT quickened me so that I am “capable of discerning and being affected by Divine things in a spiritual way” A. W. Pink (ref#269, p69)?

Does my conscience bear witness that I am a child of GOD instead of believing I’m dying more and more to indwelling sin? A. W. Pink (ref#269, p136)

Do I desire to be “conformed to the image of Christ” instead of being assured of escape from the wrath to come.  A. W. Pink (ref#269, p75)?

Do I believe that my “best performances are defiled instead of believing that I have some good points” A. W. Pink (ref#269, p75)?

Do I “look upon sinas the worst thing there is” as opposed to regarding eternal punishment as the greatest evil   A. W. Pink (ref#269, p75)?

Am I “moved to search the Scriptures daily to ascertain the things which GOD has prohibited and the things which He enjoins” A. W. Pink (ref#269, p123)?


NOTE: Until the end of this year the “Assurances” posts will contain quotes from A. W. Pink’s book, The Holy Spirit.

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