I know after two years of blogging on the subject of “Assurances,” that there are some readers that still only “think” GOD has redeemed them.  It is so easy to do godly things.  As law-abiding humans we are inclined to pursue morality and distance ourselves from the immoral.  The looming problem is that we have the ability within ourselves to be outstanding model citizens, keeping ourselves from indulging in obvious sins and being proud and content with it.

I can’t stop thinking about the Sermon on the Mount.  If one reads those few chapters in one sitting and tests their performance in keeping the commands they would conclude the impossibility to accomplish such tasks—especially when they get to the end of Matthew, chapter five.

“Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt 5:48 ESV).

 All my “Assurance” posts read in one sitting indeed would convince a person that they need someone better than themselves to help them.  But, read one verse a day like I post, and it’s easy to “like” that one post and pass over posts less likable.

This subject has come down hard on me today as I read, “The Pilgrim’s Progress.”  “Ignorance” is a guy that believes he’s a Christian (p130-133).   He has all the signs of a Christian—loves good works, loves the whole Christian environment, etc.  He sees himself more righteous than most people so his heart and conscience are at peace.

The whole crux of the matter is that Christians need CHRIST.  Until GOD draws us to tour our personal sin we never see our need, so the best question to ask is “How do I regard my sin?”  Does my sin bother me?

If we think we’re not a constant sinner, we only “think” we’re a Christian.  We have to know how despicable we are before we’re willing to lean on CHRIST for salvation and grow into His likeness.

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