“Gifts are liable to abuse. In the Early Church they appealed to unspiritual men who desired them for carnal purposes and thought they had a commercial value.  They are still commercialized” Samuel Chadwick (ref#195, p147).

“…I…[Apostle Paul]could not speak to you as to spiritual men…for you are still fleshly….since there is jealously and strife among you…” (1 Cor 3:1,3 NASB).

“…carnal people were in possession of spiritual gifts and used them for carnal ends.  Spiritual gifts are no proof of spirituality…the gifts were…perverted to wrong ends or exercised in the wrong spirit….” Samuel Chadwick (ref#195, p148).

All Christians want GOD to move more and faster than He does.  We pray for spiritual gifts to help GOD.  We focus on spiritual success.  But we cannot override GOD’s will.

Pushing the issue of spiritual success pushes the HOLY SPIRIT behind us.  The great spiritual awakenings of history have fizzled out in a matter of years—even months because the pride of man thinks he can help the Spirit of GOD.

The truth is well-meaning Christians yearn for spiritual gifts so they can be viewed as great successful Christians.  They use GOD’s gifts to make themselves look successful.  It’s about them and not about GOD at all!

We all need to review why we desire spiritual gifts.   May I be loyal to the Lordship of CHRIST and loyal to the Word, for the “Word of Truth attests the Spirit of Truth.…the Spirit interprets, corroborates, verifies, and confirms the Word” Samuel Chadwick (ref#195, p148).

NOTE:  Genuine spiritual gifts may even appear as unsuccessful to our human minds.  GOD’s will is not our will.  It is so frightening how deluded we are!