“If Christ finds us willing to trust ourselves and our interests to His love, if in that trust we give up all care for our own will and honour, if we make it our glory to exercise and confess absolute dependence on Him in all things, if we are content to have no life but in Him, He will do for us what the Father did for Him” Andrew Murray (ref#266, p150).

My heart leaps with joy imagining the power of the SPIRIT in JESUS in me but my mind cannot comprehend and is thus frightened.  “The believing surrender to Christ, and the submission to His word to expect what appears most improbable, is the only way to the full blessedness of knowing Him” Andrew Murray (ref#266, p112).

FATHER, now that I know my part in gaining an abiding in CHRIST is small—consisting of surrender and waiting, next I need to find faith enough to believe what CHRIST does.  Change my unbelief into full trust.

 “Receive what you do not comprehend, submit to what you cannot understand, accept and expect what to reason appears a mystery, believe what looks impossible, walk in a way which you know not—such are the first lessons in the school of God” Andrew Murray (ref#266, p112).  “Our Lord said, in effect, to Paul—Your whole life is to be overmastered by Me; you are to have no end, no aim, and no purpose but Mine” Oswald Chambers (ref#7, Jan 24th).

“Faith trusts the working of the Spirit unseen in the deep recesses of the inner life.  And so the word of Christ and the gift of the Spirit are to the believer sufficient guarantee that He will be taught of the Spirit to abide in Christ.  By faith he rejoices in what he does not see or feel: he knows, and is confident that the blessed Spirit within is doing His work silently but surely, guiding him into the life of full abiding and unbroken communion.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus; it is His work, not only to breathe, but ever to foster and strengthen, and so to perfect the new life within” Andrew Murray (ref#266, p113).

So, FATHER, to quell fright is to ask You for and to receive from You more faith.  Only You can heal my faithlessness (Hos 14:4; Jer 3:22).

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