In 2018 and 2019 this blog concentrated on “assurances of salvation.”  It is such an important subject it is worth reviewing again.  A.W. Pink has written a most thorough book on the subject.  The below quotes are from his book, The Holy Spirit, (ref#269).  Let’s check ourselves again with his words:

“Our hearts are fearfully deceitful, there are many minglings of faith and unbelief…and grace in us is…feeble” (p140).  But the HOLY SPIRIT helps us to judge the reality of our faith and whether or not we are actually sincere or being wrongly convinced by our heart.

“It is by the Truth that the Spirit…bears witness…it is by revealing to us…the correspondence between the history of our soul and the testimony of the Word that He persuades us we are born again” (p139).

“…when the Spirit increases our faith, rekindles our love, strengthens us with might in the inner man, He enables us to come to a definite conclusion” (p140).  When we search ourselves and note that our inner core focus has changed we know that we are becoming a new person—made over by the SPIRIT.  Can we answer, “Yes” to the following questions?

Do I feel poor in spirit?–“…a pauper dependent upon the charity of God” (p139).

Do I mourn?—“…‘mourn’ over much which gives the worldling no concern whatever” (p139).

Am I meek?—“…so that the rebellious will is, in part, subdued, and God’s will is submitted unto” (p139).

Do I hunger and thirst after righteousness?—“…the best this perishing world has to offer…is unsatisfying…” (p 139-140).

Am I merciful toward others?—“…counteracting that selfish disposition…” (p140).

Am I pure in heart?—“…to pant after holiness and hate that which is vile…” (p140).

“By His own fruit in the soul, the Spirit makes manifest His indwelling presence” (p140).  “…the witness of the Spirit is not so much a revelation which is made to my spirit…as it is a confirmation made in or with my spirit…” (p139).

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