“His timing is perfect, His will is our hiding place. Lord Jesus keep me in Your will.  Don’t let me go mad by poking about outside it” Corrie TenBoom (ref#84, p218).

FATHER, being obedient to You sounds simple enough, but how do I know it is You giving the orders instead of my flesh desiring to be spiritual? Can I not hear the same words from both You and my flesh?

No prerequisite is required for fleshly desires to enter my head. They are stand-alone commands rising from my depraved nature. They masquerade as important spiritual ideas appealing to my sense of logic. They beg to be put into action.

“Carnal pleasure, worldly profit and honour, the things of sense and time, are the things of the flesh…The favour of God, the welfare of the soul, the concerns of eternity, are the things of the Spirit” Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (ref#18, [Rom 8:5]).

FATHER, draw me into submission. Make me wait on You to receive Your revelation in my intuition otherwise my flesh will assert itself (ref#101, p43). If I sense I’m being the boss over any spiritual project, I can be sure it is my flesh directing me. You FATHER, do not delegate authority over the control of Your work (ref#101, p42).

“Despite a great revival in Samaria, Philip was not responsible for the follow-up labor of strengthening. He must leave immediately for the desert in order that a “heathen” eunuch might be saved….All acts are in the hands of the Spirit; believers simply obey. Had it been left to human thoughts and wishes, many places which ought to be visited would not have been, and many others would have been visited which ought not to be. These experiences from Acts inescapably tell us that we too must follow the guidance of God’s Spirit in our intuition and not follow our thoughts, reasons or wishes” Watchman Nee (ref#101, p 42-43).

“Jesus takes us over for His enterprises, His building schemes entirely, and no soul has any right to claim where he shall be put” Oswald Chambers (ref#7, May 7th).



…FATHER, I live in unbroken fellowship with You in CHRIST JESUS (Rom 6:11). Your divine power has granted me life and godliness and I am a sharer of Your divine nature (2 Pet 1:3-4).

With such bestowment a measure of diligence is placed upon me to keep myself from falling away. I am not to willfully run into temptation, or expose myself to the power of the enemy (ref#61, Oct 4th). I must put my energies into keeping myself holy by letting CHRIST keep me holy.

You have chosen me for salvation. That is the end. But the means to that end is sanctification. Sanctification is accomplished by the operation of the Holy Spirit and by faith on my part; “faith and holiness must be joined together” Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible (ref#18, [2 Thes 2:13]).

So You, FATHER, throw a measure of responsibility upon me. You charge me to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live a self-controlled, upright, and godly life (Titus 2:12).

Since I was bought with a price, it becomes my desire to glorify You in my body (1 Cor 6:19-20). You, FATHER, through CHRIST has caused me to be born again to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven (1 Pet 1:3-4).

Let that cheering prospect keep me from slothfulness, unwatchful-ness, and prayerlessness. Encourage me FATHER, to work out my own salvation cheerfully by leaning entirely on You (Phil 2:12).