[Below is a general prayer for Christians in tribulation.  We all can think of a sister or brother experiencing  so much affliction they may not be able to pray for themselves.  Here’s an opportunity to pray for them.  Fill in their name in the blanks.]

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.41.08 PMFATHER, because of Your Word ____ knows of Your promises. And, because of Your SPIRIT, (he/she) will have (his/her) belief strengthened as (he/she) experiences this frowning providence.

I thank You for Your Bible. Your words have supernatural influence, motivating and guiding ____. They correct thoughts and are able to change unbelief to belief (2 Tim 3:16). Lead (him/her) to Your Scriptures that will strengthen (his/her) belief.

You GOD, in Your steadfast love will meet (him/her) (Ps 59:10). You are faithful and will never let ____ be tempted beyond (his/her) ability to endure but, with the trial, You’ll provide a way so that (he/she) can endure it (1 Cor 10:13). You will make sure (he/she) can triumph over every enemy (Ps 59:10).

LORD, turn the darkness before (him/her) into light, making the rough places into level ground. Give (him/her) the understanding that You guide (him/her) and will never forsake (him/her) (Isa 42:16)—that You have plans for (him/her), plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give (him/her) a future and a hope (Jer 29:11).

Cause (him/her), FATHER, to tremble at Your Word, not tremble in fear at this calamity. Before You LORD, may (he/she) humble (himself/herself); O LORD, see (his/her) broken and wounded spirit. When (he/she) is ground to pieces, melted down to nothing before You, then look please, at (him/her) and regard (his/her) lowly state (Isa 66:2). Come to (his/her) rescue.

Give ____ rest now in Your perfect peace. You alone, O LORD, will make (him/her) to dwell in safety. Tonight, may (he/she) lie down and sleep knowing You will care for (him/her) (Ps 4:8).



We all have friends and family that sit in our churches but only act like they are Christians. It is up to us to pray for their salvation. Here’s an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.33.30 PM…FATHER, ____ has heard of You by attending church; (he/she) has read (his/her) Bible, maybe even committed verses to memory, nonetheless Your Word does not produce fruit in (him/her) (Mark 4:19). Even Your truth residing in (his/her) mind is unable to affect (him/her).

It seems ____ is in the business, FATHER, of becoming holy and more holy in (his/her) own strength. Seems (he/she) is working with such intenseness that (he/she) passes over the good news about CHRIST. I think that (his/her) work is so gratifying that (he/she) imagines (he/she) is doing well and getting better and better. But…

“There are those who are clean in their own eyes but are not washed of their filth” (Prov 30:12 ESV). “This is the way of an adulteress: she eats and wipes her mouth and says, ‘I have done no wrong’” (Prov 30:20 ESV).

“The majority of people have their morality well within their own grasp, they do not sense the need of the Gospel” Oswald Chambers (ref#7, Dec 17th).

FATHER, it seems ____ is pursuing You because (he/she) admires righteousness therefore (he/she) is trying hard to act righteously (ref#33, p110). (He/She) may not know that (his/her) natural flesh can perform good as well as produce sin (ref#33, p110). (He/She) may be confusing (his/her) natural fleshly work with Your HOLY SPIRIT’s work. And, the case is that (he/she) is then unable to be a Christian because it is impossible to receive anything unless it is given to (him/her) from heaven (James 1:17).

It is quite natural to fall into the pattern of searching the Scriptures for commands to keep (John 5:39). By keeping only the commands of (his/her) choosing (he/she) does not need a Savior; (he/she) is saving (himself/herself). FATHER, lead ____ to the understanding that whatever “does not issue from waiting upon God, from depending upon the HOLY SPIRIT, is unquestionably of the flesh” Watchman Nee (ref #33, p 114).

It seems that ____ is set in (his/her) own ways of righteousness, but I know, FATHER, that You can and will work in due season to call Your sons and daughters according to Your purpose (ref#13, Vol 1, p31 [Mark 2:14]). Please, FATHER, I want You to call ____.



Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 1.18.00 PMFATHER, as ____ goes through life the consolations of Your HOLY SPIRIT are useful and necessary to (him/her). The SPIRIT comforts (his/her) in afflictions. These afflictions are a provision that You have made for (him/her) (Heb 12:5,6) (ref#35, p405).

____’s natural spirit will struggle with afflictions. (He/She) will try to relieve (himself/herself) by any means. In a display of pride (he/she) will despise the chastising affliction or in dejectedness of spirit, (he/she) will sink under the weight of (his/her) troubles (ref#35, p406).

How easily ____ will look for second causes (causes other than You, FATHER) in (his/her) affliction. (He/She) will try to fix it (himself/herself). Keep (him/her) FATHER, from this for (he/she) will lose all the benefits and advantages of this affliction that You have bestowed upon (him/her) (ref#35, p406).

FATHER, keep (him/her) also from sinking under the trial. If You do not teach (him/her) to consider deeply Your chastisements and dealings with (him/her), (he/she) will find the season of afflictions many as (he/she) goes through life (ref#35, p406).

Only the SPIRIT can manage (his/her) soul in affliction so that You, FATHER, have the glory of it and (he/she) be benefited. Affliction gives (him/her) a chance to glory in (his/her) tribulations (Rom 5:3). Send the SPIRIT, FATHER, to ____.

“…there is no management nor improvement of any affliction, but merely and solely by the consolations of the Holy Ghost” John Owen (ref#35, p407).