[The majority of our prayers concern physical health. We all know someone who is dealing with a life-ending disease. Here is an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.]


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.08.51 AM…FATHER, not only does ____ need You during (his/her) suffering, but (he/she) needs hope in it. (He/She) needs to know all this is not in vain. There are many reasons (he/she) knows of for suffering and many (he/she) does not understand why, but the overall purpose of suffering is to overcome it.

To “overcome” describes a conqueror who gains victory (ref#16, [Rev 2:7]). I pray ____ be an overcomer—overcoming (his/her) trials of life (ref#16, [Rev 2:7]). For the one who overcomes, You, FATHER, will be (his/her) GOD and (he/she) will be Your (son/daughter) (Rev 21:7).

I pray ____ be an overcomer, for all things then will belong to (him/her). Things present and things to come will all be (his/hers) (1 Cor 3:21-22). Empower (him/her) to believe that You are (his/her) strength, (his/her) rock, (his/her) fortress, (his/her) deliverer, (his/her) shield, (his/her) horn of salvation, (his/her) stronghold (Ps 18:1-2).

What flies in (his/her) face now as injustices will lead to greater justice. CHRIST’s resurrection sees future restoration after death. Heaven is not just a consolation for the losses and pain of this life.

FATHER, give ____ the understanding that heaven is a restoration of the life (he/she) has always wanted (ref#132, p32). The world will be “re-created” (see Matt 19:28 MSG)—new, coming down from heaven (Rev 21:1-2). The “material world…will be purged of all decay and brokenness. All will be healed and all might-have-beens will be” (ref#132, p33).

“…every horrible thing that ever happened will not only be undone and repaired but will in some way make the eventual glory and joy even greater” C.S. Lewis (ref#132. p32). “Heaven, once attained, will work backwards and turn even…agony into a glory” C.S. Lewis (ref#132, p34).

Awaken ____ to think about (his/her) loss and how greatly (he/she) will be able to rejoice when it is returned to (him/her) whole and beautiful. ____’s suffering is not in vain.




[The majority of our prayers concern physical health.  We all know someone who is dealing with a life-ending disease (like cancer).  Here is an opportunity to pray for them.]


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.06.31 PMCancer is so limited…

It cannot cripple love

It cannot shatter hope

It cannot corrode faith

It cannot eat away peace

It cannot destroy confidence

It cannot kill friendship

It cannot shut out memories

It cannot starve courage

It cannot reduce eternal life

It cannot quench the Spirit

It cannot lessen the Power of the resurrection.

Author Unknown



Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.00.48 AMFATHER, You have placed ____ in a situation that makes (him/her) poor and helpless. Yet, FATHER, You pursue ____. You find (him/her) out, and look into (his/her) circumstances. You will not neglect, pass by, or be indifferent to ____’s plight (ref#16, [Ps 41:1]).

(He/She) is blessed because You rescue (him/her) in the day of trouble. In (his/her) distress You dignify (him/her) (Ps 41:1). FATHER, like a mother tending to a sick child, You make ____’s bed of pain tolerable for (him/her) causing (him/her) to bear the affliction with patience, and making (him/her) cheerfully wait the result. ____’s soul shall be, by Your grace, made to dwell at ease even when (his/her) body lies in pain (ref#18, [Ps 41:1-4]).

FATHER, I know that You will be gracious to ____. I know You are pleased with (him/her) and any enemies will not triumph over (him/her) because of (his/her) integrity that You have placed in (him/her). You joyfully keep (him/her) forever in Your presence (Ps 41:11-12).

You, O LORD, will not restrain Your mercy toward (him/her). Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness will ever preserve (him/her) (Ps 40:11). What effect can a mere illness or injury have on ____ when You uphold (him/her)? In the sight of You, ____’s affliction shrinks to nothing. I praise You who are all steadfast love.

FATHER, please note—I am not the ruler of my life asking for Your help. I am recognizing Your lordship and resting my trust in You for ____.




Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.01.42 PM…FATHER, aid ____ now in glorifying You passively rather than in an active consecration to Your service. Cause (him/her) to flourish in the graces that were perhaps dormant until now. Develop and exercise these spiritual gifts to their utmost capacity.

“Patience is to be cultivated, resignation is to be exhibited, faith is to be exercised, love is to be tried, and example is to be set” Ocatvius Winslow (ref#61, Aug 12th).

Help ____, in (his/her) helplessness. Show Your presence, FATHER, when (his/her) conscience accuses (him/her) of sin or when (his/her) mind is harassed by foreboding thoughts or when (his/her) eyes are held awake by personal anxieties (ref#76, p165). You alone, LORD, will make (him/her) dwell in safety; You alone will give (him/her) peace to lie down and to sleep (Ps 4:8). You have “a balm for every wound, a solace for all anguish, a remedy for every pain, a peace for all disquietude” The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p165).

FATHER, I pray that ____ approach Your throne of grace with confidence, so that (he/she) may receive mercy and find grace to help in (his/her) time of need (Heb 4:16). Open (his/her) eyes to see Your hand in trouble. Prayer is the window that (he/she) will be able to see Your wise ends in trouble. Prayer drives away unbelief, saves from doubt and delivers from vain and foolish questionings E. M. Bounds (ref#64, p54). FATHER, teach ____ to glorify You now passively.