If I say I “know” I am saved, how do I know? How would I assure someone else that I am assured of my salvation?

It is true that some who are true Christians are not assured of their true status:

“One may say that he is persuaded that nothing present, or to come, can separate him from the love of God (Rom 8:18). Another comes but this far, ‘Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief’” (Mark 9:24) Puritan Daily Devotional Chronicles (ref#225, Oct 15th).

And it is also true that some who are not Christians are assured that they are:

“Many have lived in an outward profession; they have put on Christ with external garb, have talked well of Him, have been baptized in His name, have given liberally for His cause…” Octavius Winslow (ref#135, Aug 10th).



“You should be looking at yourselves to make sure that you are really Christ’s….You ought to know by this time that Christ is in you, unless you are not real Christians at all….” (2 Cor 13:5-8 Phillips)

The FATHER has included in His Book many suggestions of how I can assure myself of His salvation. He makes Himself perfectly clear so I can be perfectly clear that I belong to Him.

“The famous Westminster Assembly of the 1640’s concluded that there are three grounds of assurance of personal faith: one primary ground – the promises of God; and two secondary grounds—evidences of grace and the witness of the Spirit” John Calvin (ref#164, Nov 2nd).

The paths of assurance are three entities. And when they all agree they provide firm evidence that I am GOD’s child and always will be.

The three paths are:

The Word of GOD: “…The sure word of God lays down certain signs and marks of true grace, and witnesses these signs to be good evidences…” Puritan Daily Devotional Chronicles (ref#225, p136).

Our conscience: “…or our own spirit, witnesses that these signs are sound…” (ref#225, p136).

GOD’s own HOLY SPIRIT: “…God super-adds the witness of His own Spirit which enables us yet more fully to know the things which are freely given us of God” (ref#225, p136).