“I go to the manger of Bethlehem and gaze on the infant Savior.  My faith staggers, and I exclaim, ‘Is this the Son of God?’ Retiring, I track that infant’s steps along its future path.  I mark the wisdom He displayed and I behold the wonders He worked.  I mark the revelations He disclosed, the doctrines He explained, the precepts He taught, the magnanimity He displayed.  I follow Him to Gethsemane, to the judgment-hall, and then to Calvary, and I witness the closing scene of wonder.  I return to Bethlehem and, with the evidences my hesitating faith has thus collected, I exclaim, with the awestruck and believing centurion, ‘Truly this was [is] the Son of God!'” (ref#135, Dec 25th).

Merry SABBATH Christmas

Merry SABBATH Christmas.

The Psalter Hymnal, (Pittsburg, PA: The United Presbyterian Board of Publication and Bible School Work, (c)1927)