Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 2.03.41 PM…FATHER, You open Your hand (Ps 145:16).

You are kindly and charitable—

benevolent (ref#110, p129).

You are merciful and compassionate (ref#110, p584).


You satisfy the desire of every living thing (Ps 145:16).

You are indispensable—

necessary and essential.

You alone are absolutely vital (ref#110, p1493).


You are righteous in all Your ways;

You are kind in all Your works (Ps 145:17).

You give assistance and help (ref#110, p1337).

You are large hearted and generous (ref#110, p761).


To You, LORD, belong mercy and forgiveness (Dan 9:9).

You are “tender and loving”—

affectionate (ref#110, p22).

You show kindness and are gracious (ref#110, p584).

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