Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.51.49 PMThe darkness and cold—it is as if the night will never end—as if I am imprisoned. It’s so present even without any unpleasant thoughts of the future to push me toward discouragement. Without GOD I would not find escape.

GOD chooses to speak at times not of my choosing. These bleak thoughts came while I was sleeping. And at each move into consciousness I found more of these thoughts. They were not from the enemy as one would expect. They did not discourage me.

I should have written them down, but I thought, “this is nothing that anyone would be interested in.” So, I did not and now I’m thinking of the Sulumate women who hesitated to get up and open the door for her lover.

Even though I have pulled myself out of bed to come to this prayer closet early, the time seems past to record word for word what the LORD was putting in my ear. Now, since I’ve hesitated it may be that “this is nothing that anyone would be interested in.”

This darkness and cold—this living in this world is too difficult for anyone to survive. No one can walk through life down here and survive. Only GOD can keep His loved ones from complete destruction from this world.

Even His SON when He walked on this clay could not keep Himself, but depended on His FATHER. The darkness and cold are too strong for me to overcome. It is GOD who stands beside His chosen and releases them from the world’s grip. If GOD did not, we would go down to the pit.

In the night—when I’m unaware He stands by my bedside and saves me from the darkness and cold—from all that I cannot save myself from.

Always on the LORD’s lips is a “song of the LORD.” He sings constantly. I am so unaware of His saving ways that I think a “song of the LORD” is merited only occasionally. But, no, I should be singing and thanking Him continually, for He preserves me continually. I will sing continually in heaven, when my faith becomes sight and I observe His greatness. There will be nothing more important to do but to look upon His greatness and praise Him.



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