Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.37.45 PM…FATHER, my heart can become excited about what You say about Yourself in Scripture to the point of wanting to share the information with others. My heart can become excited when I personally feel Your touch of love to the point of wanting to share the experience with others. But, FATHER, when You allow me to encounter Your supernatural powers—I DEFINITELY WANT TO TELL SOMEBODY.

When I see You change the direction people are moving and realize I prayed for that change in direction, I become a part of what You are doing in this world. It is more than me telling about Your power, or feeling Your power, or observing Your power, but it is about me actually being in union with You through prayer.

GOD sightings of changed courses or changed hearts—all honoring to Your purposes—makes me anxious to open my mouth and declare Your excellencies (1 Pet 2:9). It moves me from what You do for me to You period.

By being a part of what You are doing makes me aware that I’m not the center of my existence. These GOD sightings keep me on my toes with an expectation of something going on and I don’t want to miss it. FATHER, keep me in wonder, so I’m quick to not move too fast and miss out on some beauty or truth or goodness that I have yet to recognize or understand (ref#58, p 28).

Eugene Peterson writes about the scene at the tomb Easter morning:

“I love the contrast between those Roman guards—insensible and sprawled on the ground, paralyzed by fear—and the two exuberant women kneeling on the same ground, energized by fear. It is the same word in both cases—fear.  But it’s not the same thing. There is a fear that incapacitates us for dealing with God, and there is a fear that pulls us out of our preoccupation with ourselves, our feelings, or our circumstances into a world of wonder. It pulls us out of ourselves into the very action of God” Eugene Peterson (ref#58, p16,17).

FATHER, these “GOD sightings” are like Corrie Ten Boom shaking the hand of the Nazi guard, or the crowd witnessing JESUS healing—happenings that can only be attributed to Your supernatural power. GOD sightings that I see and hear are Your blessings to me just like You blessed the crowds in JESUS day. They had to tell somebody—I have to tell somebody.

“‘O Lord God, you have only begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand. For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as yours” (Deut 3:24 ESV)?

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