screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-8-52-09-amI’ve become discouraged again by listening to people. First blow was comparing myself to a Christian missionary involved in evangelism. By carnal thinking, listening to her experiences dulled GOD’s glory in revealing Himself through my writing. My conclusion: “Leave off writing and get out there with people.”

Second blow (all in the same day) was comparing myself to other’s concepts of doctrine. Listening to their articulate reiterations dulled GOD’s glory in revealing Himself through my writing. My conclusion: “I am slow of learning. My naivety smarts. What possibly worthwhile can I put on paper?”

How many times has this kind of discouragement about my writing happened? Because of such repetitions I have maintained an underlying faith to keep at writing but my mind could find no way at all to support continuing it last night.

I went to bed discouraged. Not devastated-ly discouraged because I knew from experience in the morning prayer closet my DADDY would tell me which way to go. I would wait until I knew the thoughts in my head were His—the SPIRIT would attest to His words.

But, this day DADDY surprised me by addressing my concern between my shower and the prayer closet. I was sitting on top of the commode letting my toe nail polish dry and picked up Man, God’s Dwelling Place, by A. W. Tozer. And through his words my DADDY spoke:

“That writer does the most for us who brings to our attention thoughts that lay close to our minds waiting to be acknowledged as our own” A.W. Tozer (ref#103, p92).

Is this not exactly what the LORD is doing through my writing? I’m recording the info that has influenced my mind—those words that so encourage me and make me realize I’m not alone in my thinking.

May You, FATHER, bless the ones I was jealous of and forgive my selfish brooding. I will continue to write.