Chord Progression: (C Am F Dm7) (C/G G F/C G7)


screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-3-12-39-pmBy Your abundant lovingkindness I will enter Your presence (Ps 5:7)

O LORD, lead me in Your righteousness.

Make Your way straight before me (Ps 5:8)—

Your faithfulness is my shield (Ps 91:4).


In my members lies destruction itself.

By my own devices I will fall (Ps 5:9,10).

But, You bless me and surround me with favor

as with a shield of love (Ps 5:12).


You have given me the shield of Your salvation (2 Sam 22:36).

It is my glory and the lifter of my head

You answer and sustain me (Ps 3:3-5)

I bow in reverence to Thee (Ps 5:7)


You are my strength and my shield;

in You my heart trusts, and I am helped;

my heart exults, and

with my song I give thanks to You (Ps 28:7).




Prayer Facts:

“No sacrifice which a lover would make for his beloved is too great for us to make for our enemy….if we pray for them, we are taking their distress and poverty, their guilt and perdition upon ourselves, and pleading to God for them. We are doing vicariously for them what they cannot do for themselves” Dietrich Bonhoeffer (ref#10, p148-150).


Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because You formed my inward parts and knitted me together in my mother’s womb (Ps 139:13), I will wait for You.

Because You search me thoroughly and know me (Ps 139:1), I will wait for You.

Because You understand my thoughts and are acquainted with all my ways (Ps 139:2-3), I will wait for You.

Because You are upright and make my path level (Isa 26:7), I will wait for You.

Because You draw near on the day I call to You (Lam 3:57), I will wait for You.

Because You hear my voice and take up my cause (Lam 3:56,58), I will wait for You.


Read Through the Bible in a Year: January 29th – February 4th

Jan 29  Ex 23-24; Luke 22

Jan 30  Ex 25-27; Luke 23

Jan 31 Ex 28-29; Luke 24

Feb 1   Ex 30-32; Acts 1

Feb 2   Ex 33-34; Ps 10

Feb 3   Ex 35-36; Acts 2

Feb 4   Ex 37-38; Acts 3



[We all have friends and family that do not want anything to do with Christianity so it is up to us to pray for their salvation. Here’s an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.]


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-28-58-pmLORD, I observe ____ is stiffnecked (Rom 3:10-12). You, and You only must draw (him/her) (John 6:44) to repentance. And when the Lion of Judah roars (he/she) will come running (Hos 11:10). You are gracious and merciful and will not turn away Your face from ____ if (he/she) returns to You (2 Chron 30:9).

Since ____, as a backslider, is filled with (his/her) own ways, it is not easy to awaken (his/her) interests again in CHRIST. “It is always difficult to reach (his/her) conscience” W.P. Lockhart (ref#127, Prov 14:14, “Backslider in Heart”).

“Argument does not succeed. The only thing to do is to bring them back to their first experience. They must come to Jesus afresh” W.P. Lockhart (ref#127, Prov 14:14, “Backslider in Heart”).

“Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look; and ask for the eternal paths, where the good, old way is; then walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls….” (Jer 6:16 AMP).

The same exercise of grace is required as at (his/her) conversion—repentance. I pray that ____ come to CHRIST as (he/she) did at first. Give (him/her) FATHER, a word from You—a word powerful enough to astonish (him/her), chasing all fear away (ref#34, Oct 31st AM).

“No one can be renewed without as real and true a manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s energy as he felt at first, because the work is as great, and flesh and blood are as much in the way now as they ever were” Charles Spurgeon (ref#34, Oct 31st AM).

FATHER, manifest Your holiness to ____ (Ezek 20:41) so (he/she) will remember all (his/her) evil deeds and how they have defiled (him/her). Quicken (him/her) to loath (himself/herself) for all the sin (he/she) have committed (Ezek 20:43). I pray (he/she) break up (his/her) fallow ground and seek You that You may come and rain righteousness again upon (him/her).

Deal with (him/her) for Your name’s sake. I want to recognize You in ____’s life again. I want to know that You are the LORD (Ezek 20:44).


Chord Progression:  (C  Am  E7  Am)   (Ab7  C/G  G7  C)


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-20-59-pm…JESUS, You are the “bread of GOD” (John 6:33).

You have the disposition and power to forgive,

pity, and be kind—

You have mercy (ref#110, p849).


JESUS, You give life to the world (John 6:33).

You recreate (ref#110, p1122);

You are the “Servant”—

the devoted Person (ref#110, p1226).


To You, LORD, belong escape from death (Ps 68:20).

How gracious You are—

attractive and lovely (ref#110, p801)—

being versatile and competent (ref#110, p1483).


GOD, You are a GOD of salvation (Ps 68:20).

You restore, refresh, and create anew (ref#110, p1122),

being unbiased and objective—

impartial and without prejudice (ref#110, p1451).




screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-14-47-pm…O PRESERVING GOD, life has taught me that I cannot maintain a loving relationship with You unless I daily enter Your spiritual kingdom to be taught again Your precepts. I am prone to wonder from Your commandments. Oh, to maintain Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You (Ps 119:11).

Your answer to this prayer is as much life to me as life to the Israelites:

“So the children of Israel said to Samuel, “Do not cease to cry out to the Lord our God for us, that He may save us from the hand of the Philistines.” And Samuel took a suckling lamb and offered it as a whole burnt offering to the Lord. Then Samuel cried out to the Lord for Israel, and the Lord answered him. Now as Samuel was offering up the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to battle against Israel. But the Lord thundered with a loud thunder upon the Philistines that day, and so confused them that they were overcome before Israel” (1 Sam 7:8-10 NKJV).

Samuel took a nursing lamb and offered it. FATHER, Your “innocent SON” is my nursing lamb. He gladly accomplished Your will so that I know You will answer my request. Remaining close to You is life to me just as routing the Philistines was life to Israel. I plead; answer me quickly (Ps 143:7).

“I have called upon You, O God, for You will hear me;…Show Your marvelous loving-kindness, O You Who save by Your right hand those who trust and take refuge in You from those who rise up against them” (Ps 17:6-7 AMP).


Chord Progression: (C Gm C Bb) (C Ab Bb C)



screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-12-09-12-pmYou, LORD, are the true GOD;

You are the living GOD—the everlasting King.

At Your wrath the earth quakes,

And the nations cannot endure Your indignation (Jer 10:10).


Your anger, O LORD, will not diminish

Until You execute the thoughts of Your heart (Jer 23:20).

Your tempest will burst over the heads of evil-doers,

Until it has accomplished Your divine decree (ref#68, [Jer 23:9-40]).


“Sing, O daughter of Zion!

Shout, O Israel!

Be glad and rejoice with all your heart,

O daughter of Jerusalem” (Zeph 3:14 NKJV)!


“The Lord has taken away your judgments,

He has cast out your enemy.

The King…the LORD, is in your midst;

You shall see disaster no more” (Zeph 3:15 NKJV)!



Prayer Facts:

“…His [CHRIST’s] mediation on the throne is as real and indispensable as on the cross….it engages all His time and powers, is His unceasing occupation at the right hand of the Father. And we participate not only in the benefits of this His work, but in the work itself….” Andrew Murray (ref#19, TWENTY-SIXTH LESSON) (brackets mine).


Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because in CHRIST the whole fullness of Deity continues to dwell in bodily form giving complete expression of the divine nature (Col 2:9), I will wait for You.

Because the Son is the sole expression of Your glory and is the perfect imprint and very image of Your nature, upholding and maintaining and guiding the universe by His mighty word of power (Heb 1:2-3), I will wait for You.

Because Your Son is upright, just and Who conforms to Your will in every purpose, thought and action (1 John 2:1), I will wait for You.

Because Your Son is able to save to the uttermost—completely, perfectly and for all time and eternity those who come to Him (Heb 7:25), I will wait for You.

Because CHRIST is always living to make petition to You and intercede with You and intervene for me (Heb 7:25), I will wait for You.


Read Through the Bible in a Year: January 22nd – 28st:

Jan 22  Ex 3-5; Luke 17

Jan 23  Ex 6-8; Luke 18

Jan 24  Ex 9-11; Luke 19

Jan 25  Ex 12-13; Ps 6

Jan 26  Ex 14-16; Luke 20

Jan 27  Ex 17-20; Luke 21

Jan 28  Ex 21-22; Ps 8



[Because we are Christians and live in the world we will always need prayer for our walk and for witnessing to others about CHRIST. Here’s an opportunity to pray for others or even ourselves. Fill their name or your name in the blanks.]


“O Lord, when I weigh Your worthiness against my unworthiness, I tremble,…” Thomas a’Kempis (ref#147, p274).

screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-55-39-amFATHER, Your eye is upon ____, You guard (him/her) from danger, You have ample ability to deliver and save (him/her) (ref#16, [Ps 33:18]). You are the only one Who can deliver (him/her) from death, therefore, I beseech You to teach ____ to wait in fear of You.

JESUS left His throne and became a helpless babe. Urge ____ to leave (his/her) independency and become as helpless as CHRIST, for His delight was in the fear of You (Isa 11:3). ____ cannot experience the delight CHRIST will give (him/her) if (he/she) is not helpless.

____’s fear of You, FATHER, will increase each time You rescue (him/her). I pray ____ discover Your joyous fear as (he/she) experiences the wonderment of Your actions—actions that cannot be explained or predicted or actions of the internal nature like the tax collector Matthew giving up his lucrative business to follow CHRIST.

O LORD, let Your steadfast love be upon ____ (Ps 33:22). Your majesty should make (him/her) afraid; (his/her) awe of You should restrain (him/her) (Job 13:11). Keep ____ listening to the thunder of Your voice and the rumblings that come from Your mouth (Job 37:2). For the fear of You is a sacrifice of reverence continually ascending to You (ref#68, [Isa 11:3]).


Chord Progression: (C  Fm  Ddim  C/E)  (Ab+  Fm  G  C)


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-49-12-am…FATHER, You are high above all nations (Ps 113:4).

You are a splendid monarch—

stately and magnificent—

regal and unquelled (ref#110, p1129, 1462).


Your name will be feared among the nations (Mal 1:14)

You oversee, direct and manage (ref#110, p1345)

for You are inextinguishable—

unable to be quenched or stopped (ref#110, p691).


Your glory is above the heavens (Ps 113:4).

You predominate—

You have authority—

You influence and hold sway everyone (ref#110, p1062).


You are a great King (Mal 1:14)—

self-reliant in all You do—

depending on Your own judgment (ref#110, p1218).

You cannot be subdued or put an end to (ref#110, p1462).



screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-40-00-am…FATHER, I thank You that You have caused me to believe so I am united to CHRIST in You, by the SPIRIT. But, my heart is not content to let just our union be the extent of my involvement. My heart longs for fellowship—You and I giving and receiving affections, delight, satisfaction… I don’t want to merely be a recipient of Your gifts, I want to interact with You (ref#35, p21).

And, not only this, LORD, but I want to be personal and emotional with You in every essence of Your Person so that I find obedience to You an honor (ref#35, p22).

“Christian obedience was of utmost importance, but it was always understood to flow out of this union and never seen as the ground for it” John Owen (ref#35, p22).

O LORD, such a desire I have to revel in the work I do because it pleases You. I want to experience Your consenting presence continually. Send Your SPIRIT to me so He might make me sensitive to when I revert back to making decisions on my own. Yes, I want my obedience to flow out of our communion. Never do I want to perform tasks to get me into communion with You. Oh, to understand and walk according to Your unilateral giving so that I am never inclined to impress You.

“We pay no attention to our own lives or the new image which we bear,…it is only to serve as a mirror for the image of Christ on whom our gaze is fixed” Dietrich Bonhoeffer (ref#10, p304).