Chord Progression: (C  Fm  Ddim  C/E)  (Ab+  Fm  G  C)


screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-11-49-12-am…FATHER, You are high above all nations (Ps 113:4).

You are a splendid monarch—

stately and magnificent—

regal and unquelled (ref#110, p1129, 1462).


Your name will be feared among the nations (Mal 1:14)

You oversee, direct and manage (ref#110, p1345)

for You are inextinguishable—

unable to be quenched or stopped (ref#110, p691).


Your glory is above the heavens (Ps 113:4).

You predominate—

You have authority—

You influence and hold sway everyone (ref#110, p1062).


You are a great King (Mal 1:14)—

self-reliant in all You do—

depending on Your own judgment (ref#110, p1218).

You cannot be subdued or put an end to (ref#110, p1462).

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