Chord Progression: (C  Am  D/F#  G) (G/F   C/E   G7/B   C)


screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-3-00-00-pmOf old You laid the foundation of the earth,

and the heavens are the work of Your hands.

They will perish, but You will endure;

they will grow old, but Your years will have no end (Ps 102:25-27).


Before the mountains were brought forth,

or ever You had formed the earth,

even from everlasting to everlasting,

You are God (Ps 90:2).


You are the Rock, Your work is perfect;

for all Your ways are just,

a God of truth, without iniquity—

righteous and upright are You (Deut 32:4).


Behold, You are my salvation,

I will trust and not be afraid;

yes, the LORD, is my strength and song;

You also have become my salvation (Isa 12:2).




Prayer Facts:

“…there are burdens placed on us by God which He does not intend to lift off, He wants us to roll them back on Him….the burden is lightened by the sense of companionship. Never disassociate yourself from the burden” Oswald Chambers (ref#7, April 13th).

Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because in CHRIST I have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of my trespasses (Eph 1:7), therefore I will wait for You.

Because in CHRIST I am set free from the law of sin and death and given the law of the Spirit of life (Rom 8:2), therefore I will wait for You.

Because in CHRIST I am a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come (2 Cor 5:17), therefore I will wait for You.

Because in CHRIST neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate me from His love (Rom 8:38,39), therefore I will wait for You.

Read Through the Bible in a Year: February 26th – Mar 3rd

Feb 26 Num 20-21; Acts 20

Feb 27 Num 22-24; Acts 21

Feb 28 Num 25-26; Ps 13

Feb 29 Num 27-29; Acts 22

Mar 1  Num 30-31; Acts 23

Mar 2  Num 32-33; Acts 24

Mar 3  Num 34-36; Acts 25



[We all have friends and family that sit in our churches but only act like they are Christians. It is up to us to pray for their salvation. Here’s an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.]


screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-40-37-pm…FATHER, “Let not those…who are amiable, moral, attractive, fall short of heaven at last;…” (ref#76, p113). Good is the enemy of the best. Sin can produce death through what is good (Rom 7:13).

I know ____, for like (him/her) I have, in times past, suppressed the truth as (he/she) is presently doing (Rom 1:18). I knew about You but choose to conduct my life the way I thought to be satisfying to You. And, in so doing worshipped and served me, the creature, rather than the Creator (Rom 1:25). And, in so doing did not honor You or give You thanks (Rom 1:21). It made sense to choose how to show my support, but yet my conscience caused suffering; I felt Your accountability for the wrongs I had done (ref#56, p1613 [Mankind’s Guilty Knowledge of God]).

I pray ____ not smother or quench (his/her) awareness of You. I pray You lead (him/her) to a broad place where (he/she) can see (his/her) ignorance—that is the ignorance of (his/her) own choosing of how to be a Christian.

FATHER, suppress (his/her) human wisdom and give (him/her) enough faith to long for, above all else, a relationship with You. Draw ____ right out of (himself/herself) and (his/her) thinking. Give (him/her) a peaceful conscience that (he/she) may know You have forgiven (him/her) and desire close fellowship with (him/her).

“Grant that the promising appearances of a tender conscience, soft heart, the alarms and delights of thy Word, be not finally blotted out, but bring forth judgment unto victory in all whom I love” The Valley of Vision (ref#76, p113).



[We all have friends and family that do not want anything to do with Christianity so it is up to us to pray for their salvation. Here’s an opportunity to pray for them. Fill their name in the blanks.]


screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-4-01-20-pm“As Paul continued to insist on right relations with God and his people, about a life of moral discipline and the coming Judgment, Felix felt things getting a little too close for comfort and dismissed him….” (Acts 24:25 MSG).

FATHER, I watch ____ divert (his/her) attention from You whenever Your names comes up in conversation. I have to say affliction and prosperity have alike failed to turn ____ toward CHRIST. Tears and prayers and sermons have, so far, been wasted on (his/her) barren heart (ref#34, Dec 31st AM).

There must be something of You that ____ disapproves of otherwise (he/she) would not be hindered from acknowledging Your authority (Matt 13:57). (He/She) goes on hardening (his/her) heart when (he/she) puts CHRIST to the test for the purpose of approving Him (Heb 3:7-9). CHRIST does not meet (his/her) specifications as Messiah (Luke 9:22) because (he/she) does not yet have an experiential knowledge of Him (Heb 3:10).

Pride makes ____ critical of Your activities, FATHER. I hear (him/her) criticizing, disagreeing and correcting things of You (ref#124, p118).

Thus, I long to see (him/her) approach You with teachable humility (ref#124, p119). I long to see ____ great in Your kingdom.

“Unless you reverse your present trend of thought and become as the little children, in no case shall you enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, he who is of such a nature as to humble himself like this little child, esteeming himself small inasmuch as he is so, thus thinking truly, and because truly, therefore humbly of himself, this person is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”  Kenneth S. Wuest (ref#37, p45-46, [Matt 18:3-4]).


Chord Progression: (C/E  G/D  F/C  G/B)   (C  Bb  F  C)


screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-33-11-pm…FATHER, You are not a God of confusion (1 Cor 14:33).

You are open and not restricted—

unreserved (ref#110, p1462).

You are worthy of esteem (ref#110, p1143).

GOD, You are a God of peace (1 Cor 14:33)—

reposed and tranquil—

You are not quarrelsome

but serene and composed (ref#110, p993).


FATHER, You are light, yes, all light (1 John 1:5)

You are throbbing with life—

vigorous and energetic (ref#110, p1486);

You are of considerable worth (ref#110, p1336).


In You, LORD, there is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5).

You are opulent—

luxuriant (ref#110, p951)—

You are vibrant and radiant (ref#110, p1486).



screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-27-12-pm…FATHER, remind me of the subtleness of my flesh (“…flesh [the entire nature of man without the Holy Spirit]…”) (Rom 8:3 AMP). Not only do the evil desires of my flesh need to be pushed down and subdued, but also the good desires of my flesh need to be kept from becoming active. The flesh can be nasty or righteous (ref# 33, p112).

My flesh has the potential to accomplish many and diverse Christian activities—amazingly loving acts (ref#33, p112)—at least I think they’re amazing. I am able to achieve many good deeds by my fleshly self-righteousness.

The wisdom flowing from my fleshly mind can engage in Biblical counseling, perform a myriad of Christian service projects, or even write what I’m writing right now–without any need to be absolutely dependent on the HOLY SPIRIT. Flesh is amazingly self-confident. “The old creation is willing to do anything—even submit to God—if only it is permitted to live and be active” (ref#33, p114)!

I have to watch for the appearance of pride. FATHER, send Your SPIRIT to alert me when I’m about to do good in my fleshly strength; help me distinguish the difference between actions of my flesh and the good that flows out of a new life in CHRIST.

“It is my self who can perform and does perform good without the need of trusting in the Holy Spirit, without the necessity of being humble, of waiting on God, or of praying to God” Watchman Nee (ref#33, p113).

My human nature guides spur-of-the-moment, easy acts of righteousness. So a spirit-check is needed constantly. Do I plan and arrange more than I pray? Do I need to know answers immediately? In desperate situations do I fly instantly to You or try to think things through? Do I ever really have a sense of utter dependency? Do I do what seems best to me and forget to ask Your will?

FATHER, make me super-sensitive to the actions of my flesh so I might reject them. Guide me down the path You have for me.


Chord Progression: (C E A7 Dm) (Adim C G7 C)



screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-21-30-pm…CHRIST is the resurrection and the life.

Whoever believes in Him, though he die, shall live (John 11:25).

CHRIST is the door.

If anyone enters by Him, he will be saved (John 10:9).


CHRIST is the light of the world.

Whoever follows Him will not walk in darkness (John 8:12).

CHRIST is the bread of life;

whoever comes to Him shall not hunger (John 6:35).


CHRIST is the good shepherd.

He lays down His life for the sheep (John 10:11).

CHRIST is the vine;

Whoever abides in Him bears much fruit (John 15:5).


CHRIST is gentle and lowly in heart,

and I will find rest for my soul (Matt 11:29).

CHRIST is with me always,

to the end of the age (Matt 28:20).


If my mind is moved by these words;

I grow more proud I am a Christian.

If my heart is moved by these words—

I grow more in love with CHRIST.




Prayer Facts:

“The spirit of the world is the great hindrance to the Spirit of prayer.  All our most earnest calls to men to pray more will be vain unless this evil is acknowledged and combated and overcome. The believer and the Church must be entirely freed from the spirit of the world….It is only through death to the world that we can be freed from its spirit….In Christ it was the crucifixion spirit and death that was the source of the intercession Spirit and power. With us it can be no other way either” Andrew Murray (ref#143, p118).

Reasons for Waiting for GOD:

Because You are God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, the terrible God, Who is not partial and does not take bribes (Deut 10:17), I will wait for You.

Because You are acquainted with and understand the heart (Acts 15:8), I will wait for You.

Because You preserve the way of Your saints (Prov 2:8), I will wait for You.

Because You guard the feet of Your godly ones (1 Sam 2:9), I will wait for You.

Read Through the Bible in a Year: February 19th – 25th

Feb 19 Num 5-6; Acts 15

Feb 20 Num 7; Ps 23

Feb 21 Num 8-10; Acts 16

Feb 22 Num 11-12; Acts 17

Feb 23 Num 13-14; Ps 90

Feb 24 Num 15-17; Acts 18

Feb 25 Num 18-19; Acts 19



[Because we are Christians and live in the world we will always need prayer for our walk and for witnessing to others about CHRIST. Here’s an opportunity to pray for others or even ourselves. Fill their name or your name in the blanks.]


screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-03-38-pm“Keep on asking for something to be given, and it shall be given you. Keep on seeking and you shall find. Keep on reverently knocking, and it shall be opened to you….how much…will Your Father …in heaven give the Holy Sprit to those who ask Him for Him to be given” (ref#37, p163, [Luke 11:9,10,13]).

FATHER, I pray for ____, that (he/she) continue pleading for the HOLY SPIRIT—that (he/she) become sensitive to the requirement of constant asking. Incite (him/her) to grasp the concept of how vital He is in (his/her) life.

“As God’s children, we have already received the Spirit. But, we still need to ask and pray for His special gifts and operations as we require them. And not only this, but for Himself to take complete and entire possession; for His unceasing momentary guidance” Andrew Murray (ref#19, SEVENTH LESSON).

FATHER, Your SPIRIT is not general or bland with His words of instruction. He will inspire ____ immediately. Favor (him/her), O LORD, to instantly know it is the SPIRIT’s words that has entered (his/her) mind.

I read of the SPIRIT in Acts and marvel at His clearness and specifics. His comfort sets the ones He dwells in apart (Acts 9:31). Set ____ apart today with the blessing of Your SPIRIT.


Chord Progression: (Am  G  C  F)  (E  Am  E7  Am)


screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-2-57-54-pm…FATHER, You have established Your throne (Ps 103:19).

You are unmovable—

fixed and unchanging (ref#110, p1461);

You are steady and unfaltering (ref#110, p1457).


Your kingdom rules over all (Ps 103:19).

You are sovereign—

supreme in power—

superior in authority—

You are above all (ref#110, p1283).


You are unusually excellent—

exceeding and excelling (ref#110, p1347).

You are sufficient—

equal to what I require (ref#110, p1338).


You are greater than all gods (2 Chron 2:5)—

predominate and prevailing

in influence and effect.

You are superior in strength (ref#110, p1067).