screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-3-47-19-pm…FATHER, save me from being content with a little measure of the SPIRIT, thinking that is all I am expected to have.   So often I feel His absence and act using my own human spirit. Grow in me a desire for the power of His presence all the time (ref#76, p29).

“The Holy Spirit is no temporary gift; He abides with the saints. We have but to seek Him aright, and He will be found by us. He is jealous, but He is compassionate. If He leaves in anger, He returns in mercy. Gracious and tender, He does not weary of us, but He waits to be merciful still” Charles Spurgeon (ref#34, Feb 12th PM).

Through sin and worldliness I lose the consciousness of the SPIRIT’s presence. I don’t lose You, SPIRIT, but You are behind my conscious awareness (ref#30, p115).

For instance, no matter how eager or clever I am in sharing the Gospel, it is insufficient without Your presence.  What I need is to experience continual power to be obedient to You, SPIRIT, Who alone truly teaches me (ref#33, p86).

“God is determined to have His child as pure and clean and white as driven snow, and as long as there is disobedience in any point of His teaching, He will prevent none of the working of His spirit” Oswald Chambers (ref#7, June 30th).

FATHER, sensitize me to watch for the SPIRIT. In Him is the only way I can remain spiritual (ref#101, p28).